Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sports Bra

Another issue taken from bustygirlcomics is the fact that Sports Bras are hard to come by. It's hard to find sports bras that give support when you're running or jumping. A busty girl has pretty much only two options.

1. Wear two bras for extra support.
2. Get a really good fitting bra.

For the two bra rule, pair an underwire bra with a cute elastic bra on top. For some reason it works and it's the much more stylish option.

The best fitting sports bra I've ever come across is the Enell Sports Bra. It's got hooks in the front and gives the best support. As in zero movement support. They come in pink and green as well.


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  1. -Looks down at B-cups- Nope haven't had this problem...Though I have heard of the double-braing before. It works too if your bra starts fading a little!