Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've always preferred hand written letters and cards over standard e-mails and facebook comments. I like the thought and time that goes into sitting down and writing a letter and sending it out just to let someone else know that you're thinking about them. I love what how creative I can be with stationary and I love collecting post cards from my family and friends that travel around the world. So when Sarah showed me, Postcrossing, a website that allows you to receive postcards from people all around the world, I was ecstatic.

Postcrossing allows people to discuss and learn about different cultures and regions without the cost of traveling, since it's FREE.

All you have to do is request an address from the website and you are assigned a random person to write to. You pick out a cute postcard and write down a few facts about yourself (hobbys, family, school) and you're region (activities, what it's known for, recipes.) Then you mail it out and wait for a random postcard in return different than the one you just sent. Once you get one you register the card in the system and you can send out another one.

I sent out 5 (the minimum when you start) today, (1) Germany, (3) Russia, and (1) Norway. I definitely can't wait to see what comes in the mail. The extra one is to Atlanta and is not apart of postcrossing, just to a pen pal.


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  1. I just signed up for this and I am so excited about it!!!