Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm slowly becoming a "traveler." I've tacked on a few flights here and there and by next years time I will be traveling around Europe. One of the best ways to distinguish a well seasoned traveler is their luggage. Most suitcases in baggage claim happen to be black and though black is nice, it makes it hard to distinguish whose bag is whose. The best thing to do is have luggage that stands out in some unique way.
Fun Uniform Prints
After my first trip to New Mexico, my parents realized I did not have any travel bags. So for my 19th Birthday I received three Vera Bradley bags in Blue Lagoon ToteCosmetic Bag, and Duffel. They've proved useful for long trips and even short weekend trips to and from college.

Being clumsy in an airport is bad enough, but being clumsy and in a rush is even worse. I seem to always flip the suitcase I'm tugging around and drag it across the floor as I'm running across the airport. Having a spinner suitcase completely eliminates the awkward flipped suitcase issue since the wheels spin in all different directions.

Vintage Upcycled Suitcase
Nothing is more unique than a vintage suitcase with a bit of artistic flare. These suitcases will be easily spotted and the envy of those around you.

Luggage Tags
I've always loved the idea of luggage tags, but sometimes if you're stuck with the black suitcase a simple bright or crazy luggage tag will help you spot your suitcase from afar.

Make sure to pack and pick your bags for Spring Break!


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