Monday, April 30, 2012

Croquet Match 2012

This year my friends and I finally headed over to St. Johns for the annual croquet match between St. Johns and The Naval Academy. It's been an age old tradition (30 years to be exact) in which Navy boasted that they could beat the Johnnies in any sport. Well, the Johnnies picked croquet and had the Navy drink a ton (which the celebration is known for) and St. Johns has continually won. 

Here Gerred and I are dressed to the "southern croquet" nines. At the croquet match you're supposed to dress as if it were The Kentucky Derby, with Lilly Pulitzer dresses and big floppy hats. Now while I did not necessarily do that, I did manage to find myself a beautiful yellow Calvin Klein dress and Gerred a Ralph Lauren shirt for a really reasonable price at Marshalls. Also I love Gerred in his little seersucker bow tie!

Here we are with the best friends, Katie and Phoenix. We went for lunch at Joss's and then had icecream after. I got Strawberry Oreo which is just about the best flavor in the world. Oh and these two are getting married pretty soon and I couldn't be happier for them...since they look so stylish.

Oh and here's a group shot of us all (Rick, Sarah, and Lucy not included.) Drinking and silly prep fashion definitely included in here. I do want to say though that there were some extremely silly outfits walking around at the match. We saw a guy with a top hat, five men with jorts and suspenders, and what looked like the Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club outfits.

It was such a fun day even if we didn't even watch the croquet match.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is upon us and there's no better way to show your love for your mother (in a non-Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg way), than to spend some quality time with her. But hey a gift couldn't hurt either.

This is something moms can wear and think about their daughters whenever they wear it.

Pamper your mom with a subscription to Birchbox is great since there's lots of different beauty products for her to try.

Just about anything from Crate & Barrel will make a mothers day. Cookbooks, utensils, bowls, or pieces for entertaining guests is perfect.

Here's to all the  Moms out there that do so much for their children and love them more than words can say. We love you too! 


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Broadway Shows I Want To See

One day I want to take a trip up to New York by bus or car. Then I want to do all the things I was never really allowed to do on field trips. I want to walk around and sight see, shop, dine, and even see a Broadway show. Here are just a few of the shows I'd love to see on the Broadway or Off Broadway stage.

Book of Mormon
This fairly new musical is as I've been told hilarious. Honestly, just the idea of two door to door guys going on an adventure and singing about it sounds like a laugh.

Lion King
Since this is already one of my favorite Disney movies, I'd definitely love to see it engineered with all the puppets and costumes.

Phantom of the Opera
It's classic and I'd love to see the difference between the play and the movie.

Where would I be without mentioning this musical. Wicked is the musical of broadway so it's certainly on my top list.

But yes, some day I will go out to New York and see a show.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 3-6

A whole slew of postcards came in this April. Half were from Gerred since he sent me one everyday during the week of my birthday and the rest were from Postcrossing. I loved receiving this months cards since they were very culturally diverse.

Vila Rica do Ouro Preto, Brazil
This postcard had so much historical and geographical information printed on the back. Vila Rica do Ouro Preto was a former colonial mining town in the mountains. The town is known for the baroque architecture where buildings are adorned in gold due to the Brazilian golden age in the 18th century.

Nowy Sacz, Poland
Cheery. The sun is cute and I like that there are a bunch of bubbles that show different party of this city in South Poland.

Ufa, Russia
The sender mentioned she liked to drink tea with milk and honey and eat pancakes. I have to say I also like this combination, but am partial to having my tea as an Arnold Palmer.

Fortaleza, Brazil
Apparently this bridge is really famous in Brazil and the sender is cool since he is majoring in English and French.

Moscow, Russia
Awhile back I sent a postcard to a lady in Russia and we decided to write letters to one another in French. I just think it's so neat that I can open up a letter from Russia written in French.

Moscow, Russia
She even sent me a post card to go along with the letter that read "C'est le parc ou mon fils aime se promener aves ses amis." Which means that her son hangs out with his friends in this Russian park.

I wrote back in French (with poor grammar.)

I sent back 4 postcards that described a little bit about Washington College's history. I mentioned that Washington College is the 7th oldest college in the nation and that it served as a hospital during the American Civil War. I also might have mentioned the Katy Perry concert in there as well.

This map shows all the postcards I've sent (8) and received (6.) Check it out, I now arc to China!

Happy Postcrossing!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apres La Guere

For Screenplay I was assigned to write and film my own movie. It certainly posed a challenge for me.But, stress aside I finished the movie and had a great time filming Apres La Guere. It's about a WWI soldier, Jean Marc Marin, who returns from battle back to his family in France. At first he has a hard time adjusting to society since he has shell shock (PTSD) and though he is trying to cope, his Sister-in-law believes the devil has possessed him.

Though, the exorcism scene is not seen in this sequence, the part that I did film involved a flashback to the Battle of Verdan. Honestly the trench scenes were really fun to film. Now kick back and watch this "drama," even though it could be taken as a comedy.

Thanks to everyone that was apart of filming!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Gifts

As promised I am sharing the gifts given for my 20th birthday here. And since I will be leaving for Ireland in August and will have to pack light, I received a few travel friendly gifts from my friends and family. 
Travel Items
1. Traveler's 3-Piece Hardsided Luggage - Katie got me amazing luggage that came like Russian nesting dolls and has the ability to roll in any direction.
2. Secret of Kells - Gerred got me this movie to watch on the flight to Ireland.
3. Amelie - Gerred also got me this movie and built us a fort to watch it in. Perfect.
4. Vera Bradley Wristlet - My parents got me this wristlet since I use mine everyday and it was beginning to tear at the bottom.

Lilly Pulitzer Gifts from the Grandparents
1. Tumblr - Since I don't really drink coffee this is perfect for iced tea and smoothies during the summer.
2. Picture Frame - The chum bucket print will be great for a best friend photo from the Jersey Shore Party.
3. Koozie - I don't drink beer, but I can always put bottled water or soda in this.
4. Ink Pen - Such a fancy pen.
5. Insulated Cooler - Perfect for picnics or beach trips and comes with a wine/beer opener.

MAC products from the Parents
1-3. Eye shadow in Steamy, Nylon, and Green Smoke
4. Technakohl liner - Black
5. Brush Cleanser - To clean all my brushes.
6. Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation This foundation is perfect since it's practically see through but covers the red in my face.
7. 190 Foundation brush - Easy application
8. 217 Blending brush - I finally have a blending brush.
9. 239 Eye Shader Brush - So useful.
10. Powder Blush - I've been afraid to use blush, but this gives me definition.
11. Paints - Great primer.

Needless to say it was an excellent birthday, thanks to everyone who made this day special!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Katy Perry

For my 20th Birthday Gerred took me to see Katy Perry at the Naval Academy. We went with a group of friends and were able to see her up close since we got floor tickets.

See how close I am!

 It was an extremely patriotic sexbomb performance. She dressed up as a sailor and had all these navy-esque moves that included a few salutes.

She even sang the Peacock song which was a really elaborate performance that included everyone on stage dancing with feathers.

But the biggest event of the night was when she called out to the audience searching for a midshipman to recreate the classic VJ day kiss with. She wound up choosing Tanner Beasley who dipped her and made a bit of Naval Academy history that's all over the web now.

Here's the video of her choosing her midshipman. It was crazy. I also met the guy who thought she had picked him and tried running down and he said her song "The One That Got Away" had new meaning.

All around fun night, fun concert and now I find myself listening to her songs like crazy.


Monday, April 23, 2012

April Birchbox

Guess what came in this week? The April Birchbox. The monthly gift to myself. I have to say this may just be my all time favorite box now. Yes, I think so.

 Because it was Earth Day (my birthday) themed with all the "green" products inside.

Gee, check how much "samples" I got. There is no perspective in this shot, but I will let you know that it is practically full size. I always like trying these exfoliators and moisturizers out. I was quite sold by the juice beauty cleanser (I use it every day)....and the Marine Cream and Ahava Moisturizer of before are always fun to swap around on occasion.

This is actually a beauty extra which is usually like a fun little addition. Normally they've been small extras that just make me smile for the added detail like the heart shaped nail file or a delicious Larabar. Except this time there is an actual product that will certainly come in use. Maybe I'll remember to take my make-up off more with these since it's made with apple, blueberry, and lemon peel extracts.

I don't think you guys know how much I use hair powder. I usually use Shower to Shower and it works well for next day hair or just greasy hair in general. But this smells so much better (hello, lavender and sage) and my hair has a ton more volume than it usually does.

Here's my second nail polish I've received from Birchbox. This color seems a lot more natural than the Color Club Jackie Oh! from last month's box. This would be great neutral to go along with a lime or mint green.

Now I love Taylor Swift, she's a great role model, gorgeous, and a wonderful singer. However, I'd really not like to associate this fragrance with her. Instead I'd say it smells like purple tylenol. It has this weird grape scent that's just off putting. But hey, perfume is different for everyone. My cousin Kara loves this scent. So to each their own.

Seriously though, check out all this great stuff I got. And it was only $10 a month with free shipping, if you want you're own or want to gift it to a friend you can sign up here.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's My Birthday

Hey everyone, guess what, today is my 20th Birthday!

I'm no longer a teenager, but I got some chalk today so I might still act like a kid. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and especially to Sam over at The Spanglish Major for a special shout out. Check back this week for a little bit of birthday gift bragging too because I have some great friends and family who really made my day special.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Nails

My main New Year's Resolution has been to paint my nails more often. And I think I've been doing that a lot so far this year. Here are some of the nail colors I've used for Spring.

I'm in love with mint green and especially on my nails. Jaded is such a great Spring pastel.

Spring is for Neons and I painted my nails the highlighter pink Jackie Oh. Then I decided to get fancy and add OPI Shorts Story on the tips for a slight color block look. However, they might have been a little to bright for each finger.

I probably normally wouldn't have picked out a color like this, but it's a nice subdued earthy color that it can go with just about anything.

Any suggestions for what color or brand I should paint my nails with next?


Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird Races

I'm sort of trying to get into the whole fitness thing again. It's a little hard right now with the last few weeks of classes, but as soon as Summer hits I hope to kick it into high gear. The first thing I'll be doing is working on running around my block. Then from there I'll try to run some 5Ks with my friends and try to stay as motivated as I can. As I've been researching races two really stuck out with me, The Color Run as well as The Run For Your Lives: 5K Obstacle Couse Zombie Race.

This crazy and creative race is just like the Indian festival, Holi, where everyone throws powdered colors at one another in the street to celebrate the day. Basically for 3.1 miles, runners wearing all white are pelted with multiple colors on their way to the finish line.

In this post-apocalyptic 5K runners have to race for their lives while dodging zombies, 12 different man-made obstacles, and choosing their own trails. This race seems like there is a lot of strategy involved.

Since I'll be in Ireland for both of these two races I'll be missing out. But I hope by passing these along one of you will try to run these and have fun. Till next year then!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm so excited that Pottermore is finally open to the general public now. See, when Pottermore had first leaked out to the select few when the owls were floating around the page I thought it was just an online e-book of the Harry Potter books, but it's so much more. It's essentially a crazy fan moth light that attracts everyone in with interactive reading, game play, and tid bits of J.K. Rowling's mind.

I started the other day and had a fun time navigating with the arrow buttons and trying to find and collect all the items. What's better is that there are even little games like potion making and dueling that make Pottermore sort of like the video games.

Then the moment that everyone on Pottermore awaited, the Sorting Hat. Obviously since I am such a great finder, I was sorted into Hufflepuff. And I'm pretty sure my idol, Nancy Drew, is also a Hufflepuff due to her resourcefulness sleuth skills. Go Hufflepuffs!

This is my wand, just FYI
Honestly, just go look around the site and try to find out all the great information from J.K. Rowling you can. You can even add me as a friend on there. My name is Quaffelcauldron3447.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay

One of the science classes they offer at Washington College is Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Since I've lived by the bay my whole life and have some interest in the subject I signed up. And honestly this has to be the most relevant and interesting science class ever. I mean today for lab we got to go out on a boat.

Professor Porter showed us some equipment she engineered for us to measure the bays depth, salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen content.

Pip and I measuring light intensity off the side of the boat. I also have to add that when we were capturing zooplankton in the net we kept quoting Titanic. It just had to happen.

This was the best part. We gathered some sediment from the bottom of the bay and got to sift through the mud. I actually found 2 clams in there, out of the total of 4 we dredged out.

It was a great lab and here we are with Professor Porter.