Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Downton Abbey

Get ready for the latest show obsession of mine, Downton Abbey. This show is that perfect escape show where you can just turn it on and hurl yourself into the lives of the Crawley family in World War I England and feel warm and cozy. That sound a little odd, but the whole feel of the show and the characters make the time period seem like a perfect fantasy. There's plenty of reasons to love this show including: 

Plot lines meshed with historical and political happenings (Titanic, Feminism, World War One, Easter Rising, etc.)

Stunning 1910s-1920s fashion

The biggest romantic tension I've seen in a long time that I am crazy about --Matthew and Mary.

Matthew (Dan Stevens) has won my heart.

Oh and if none of this is enticing you, then may I say Maggie Smith plays a wonderfully sarcastic Dowegar Countess.

Watch this if you'd like to go in a whole for a few days and be perfectly content with losing your emotions.


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  1. Gah my one professor keeps bringing this show up. I NEED to see it!