Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day in Annapolis

I had a wonderful day back home in Annapolis. It was simply beautiful out, the streets were flooded per usual, shops, movies, and people were seen and it was in all around great day.

After picking up Gerred from the Academy, I went to The Pink Crab and tried on this cute Amberly Dress that I think would be perfect for the St. Johns/Navy Croquet Match or Easter Sunday.

I then checked out the Grand Opening of Refuel in Annapolis. It's run by my old manager from American Eagle and I will definitely be stopping by before I run any races this year. She had a promotional push up contest for 50% off. I set the record for 21 in the morning, but someone may have taken my spot by the end of the day.

We then headed over to Nano's for a sushi lunch. I had the Kamikaze roll. Afterwards, I even picked up a few postcards to send for postcrossing.

I then saw the Navy Seals movie, Act of Valor, with Gerred at the mall. It was so real since they used actual seals and it definitely got the appropriate applause from the audience of both midshipman and civillians alike. And can I just say if this movie doesn't make you appreciate the United States Navy than I don't know what will. 

We then headed over to Cadillac Ranch for Andrea's 23rd Birthday and there was a bull riding contest. Gerred has a really great stance there.

From left to right we have Winters (Phoenix's sister,) Andrea, Katie, and me. My pose is a little strange, but whatever.

Best friend and me. She's wearing heels, but even then she's like an inch or two taller. Tomorrow we're having a pre-bachelorette t-shirt decorating party at my house for Katie with Caroline and Andrea. As well as Aileen's 20th Birthday tomorrow in downtown Annapolis.

Weekend back home = Yes!


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