Saturday, March 31, 2012


I love going to concerts, there's nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs over a crowd of people. Just seeing the band in front of you on that stage with all the lights on them is so magical. And though I wouldn't say I'm a big concert goer, I've been to about seven so far and plan on seeing more in the future.

Hellogoodbye Concert 2007
My first concert I ever went to was to see HellogoodbyeBoys Like Girls, and The Rocket Summer. I was a freshman in high school and still too young to go on my own. So my Mom wound up taking me and my friends Liz and Raven and hung out by the bar only a few inches away from us the whole time. 

The Hush Sound Concert 2008
A year later I headed to the Ottobar with my then boyfriend and saw The Hush SoundThe Cab, and The Morning Light. Just so you know, The Hush Sound is my favorite band (even though they've broken up) and it was just a blast to see them live. They sang Back in the USSR randomly and even sang Sweet Tangerine to a salsa beat while wearing sombreros.

Scream It Like You Mean It Tour 2010
I remember when I was a camp counselor, I had to sneak out of camp one night  in order to see Silverstein and Emery with Gerred. This may have been one of the most rebellious things I've ever done in my life and I was scared the entire night with all the hyped up music and mosh pits. Despite the fear I felt full of adrenaline and quickly caught onto a new type of concert.

Naval Academy Fall Concert 2010
Fall of my Freshman year of college I went with Katie and Phoenix to see Ke$ha3OH!3 and The Goo Goo Dolls.  This was a definite feel good concert. I had so much fun dancing around to all the crazy songs. And I still can't believe I saw Ke$ha. 

Take Action Tour 2011
For my 19th Birthday, Gerred and I saw Silverstein and Bayside in Philidelphia. Gerred even surprised me by taking me to meet both the bands (which only about 14 people got to do.) They talked to us for a bit, wished me a Happy Birthday and even signed posters and CDs for us. The concert was awesome too.

Bamboozle Festival 2011
The week after the Take Action Tour, Gerred and I headed up to New Jersey for the Bamboozle Festival which is essentially a much cooler/ non-screamo Warped Tour. We saw Taking Back SundayBo BurnhamDashboard ConfessionalNew Found Glory, and The Gaslight Anthem. Seeing all these great bands, dancing and walking around, and singing every song was so wonderful. It was easily my favorite concert.

Taking Back Sunday North American Tour 2011
The last concert I went to was another Taking Back Sunday concert with Thursday. I brought along Kacie and showed her what a "mosh pit"concert was like (as opposed to her usual country concert.) We got elbowed a few times and loved how insane everyone was. The lead singer, Adam,  even crowd surfed all around Rams Head Live! They performed Faith (When I Let You Down,) the video which Gerred and I are in from the Bamboozle concert. You can't see us, just know we are to the far right.

Naval Academy Spring Concert 2012
And come April 20th (my birthday weekend) I will be seeing Katy Perry with Katie, Phoenix, Sean, Sarah, and Gerred! I'm so stoked and will actually have to learn the words to some of her songs, but never the less I am pumped.

Rock on!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Irish Step Dancing

Do you like Irish Step Dancing? Do you like flash mobs? Well have you seen the Teelin Flash Mob video?

Gerred sent me this the other day and well it makes me

1. Proud that they danced at the Annapolis Mall (I worked there last summer.)
2. Upset I never listened to my Grandma when she wanted to learn how to step dance when I was younger (soccer wasn't my thing.)
3. Excited for Ireland next year (you know, if University of Cork College accepts me and everything) because I want to take a class in this over there.

But wouldn't it be fun to learn how to step dance? I'd love to take one of their classes for adults. Last year I took swing dancing classes in Annapolis and I still remember a thing or to.

Either way when I have children (in the way way future), they are going to be awesome little dancing folk like this.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Go Emergency Kit

Inspired by the Miniemergency Kit's for Her, I've decided to create my own emergency kit of roughly 18 items to keep in my purse for those "oh no" moments while on the go. Remember, not all these items are necessary. I don't have the mini sewing kit in my bag, but I put it out for those who may want that in theirs.

1.  Clinique Make-up Bag - Get a good pencil pouch or make-up bag to fill everything in.

2. Band-Aids - This kit is full of band-aids in different sizes as well as cleansing wipes and gauze pads.

3. Secret Deodorant - Forget to put on deodorant this morning? No problem.

4. Tampon - Be the girl with the tampons for your friends in need.

5. Tide To Go - You never know when you might get splashed with mud or food and have to clean it up.

6. Pen - For when you're unexpectedly in need of one at an event.

7. Tic Tac - Fresh breath instantly.

8. Floss - When food is awkwardly stuck in your teeth.

9. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins - Simple problem hair solutions.

10. Travel Kleenex - Use a kleenex, not your sleeve.

11. Banana Boat Spray Sunscreen - I have the spray instead of the lotion so it doesn't leak. The sunscreen is arguably the most important part of the kit (especially for me.)

12. Mini Sewing Kit - This is certainly optional, since I don't feel like too many people need to sew on the go. But the scissors may come in handy.

13. Earring Backs - How many times have you lost the back of an earring? Backs of erasers work perfectly as earring backs too.

14. Ibuprofen - Great for long car rides or concerts.

15. Nail File - The one I have came out of my February Birchbox

16. Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer - For all the gross surfaces of the world.

17. Burt's Bees Lip Balm - Chapped lips are terribly, carry this around and save your lips.

18. Ponds Clean Sweep Towelettes - Take care of a running mascara or a sweaty face.

Remember to always be prepared! If you have any suggestions to add to the On the Go Emergency Kit, just comment below.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 1-2

After sending out my five initial postcards for Postcrossing, three were able to be registered from Germany, Norway, and Russia. While waiting for the last two Russian postcards to be registered, my first two postcards came in the mail all the way from Gdansk, Poland and Blakenheim, Germany.

From what my Polish correspondant told me, Gdansk is a city on the baltic coast and is the birthplace of the Solidarity Movement (the first non-communist party trade union in a Warsaw Pact country.) Her description and the postcard made me want to be sail right into the harbor and walk around the Polish town.

Also on the back of both the postcards were some pretty cool stamps. The Polish card had animals from the Zoo Wroclaw. The caption of the tiger reads Tygrys Syberyiski.

This postcard is actually a beautiful hologram that switches from two romantic portraits of a woman sleeping in an fiery orange dress to a group of women looking out into the ocean from a greek classical building. 

This German stamp has a picture of a church that if I knew my Art History a bit better, I could tell you which architectural art movement it belonged to.

Here are a few of the sent (red) and received (blue) postcards I've done with Postcrossing so far. I was also able to share a correspondance in French with a woman from Russia who had finally received my Black Eyed Susan post card and can't wait to see if she'll send a postcard back.

These are the three postcards I am sending out this time, two dock shots of Annapolis and one of the Range Cafe from New Mexico (I need to get around to posting about that trip.) They'll be traveling to Israel, China, and Germany.

Can't wait to check my mailbox soon!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Ever since I got my Epiphanie Clover bag for Christmas, I've been one very happy photographer. 

Traveling around big cities and active photo shoots have become much easier. I don't have to worry about my old awkward bulk of a camera bag being knocked off my shoulder and I definitely don't stand out as a "tourist" anymore because of my bag. 

It looks mega professional, when I walk onto a photo shoot with this I look like a stylish women who has her wits about her. I mean you really can't even tell it's a camera bag. And I absolutely adore the braided straps and they are so comfortable to carry around.

Like Mary Poppins I'm able to fit a million things in my back and keep them protected by the inside padding. Inside I have all my photography gear, my laptop, my wallet, and so many other things that I can't even believe I can fit in my bag. My current theory, is that the bag is a black hole.

Favorite grown up girl photography bag? I think so.


Monday, March 26, 2012

26th Company Dining Out

Friday, I went to Gerred's last 26th Company Dining Out and had an great time seeing everyone and cracking jokes all night.

Dining Outs are formal dining events for midshipman and their companies to form camaraderie by relaxing, joking, and drinking. Midshipman can invite their significant others and show them off before the dinner comprised of a bunch of silly rules, like one must not utter "bro," "broski,""broseph," or any other variant of the word bro during dinner. When midshipmen slip up, they are called out and sent to the grog (a messy concoction of gross stuff like tabasco sauce, orange juice, or whatever else they find around the yard) as punishment.

This dining out was great since it was at the Marriott and Katie and Phoenix weren't in France this year, so I got to hang out with Katie all night. We both wore some pretty classy black dresses that fit the formal cocktail attire of the night.

We all sat at a table and ate some good food, saw some dance offs, a man carry another man on his back across the room, limericks, drunkenness, and a power point presentation on how to be an effective SWO Officer.

At the end there was a slideshow of each class that showed off goofy pictures of everyone. Gerred's class had a nice one that showed off pictures of them all through the years as well as a few engagements at the end.

In all, I have to say this Dining Out just showed his graduation is coming up and I am absolutely proud of him for all that he's done and will do in future.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

iPhone Apps

I've noticed a few of my friends have turned to iPhones and iPads recently and I thought I'd share a few apps I have and love thus far.

This is great for when you hear a song on the radio and want to know what it is. You just hit the button and tag the song and it'll tell you immediately.

I only really got into this recently (I was really into Hipstamatic before) and I love it. It lets me send the pictures online straight away and have them in fun designs that aren't to cheesy picnic-like.

Temple Run
Everyone seems to be obsessed with this. I began playing it this weekend with my cousin Brian and it's pretty addictive. I'm not good, but I like jumping for coins.

Heytell is basically a walky-talky for your phone. You send speech texts to friends instead of having to text. Definitely use this if you don't have unlimited texting or if you need to say something that you just can't explain in a text.

I find I use this app a lot. I'm always pulling this out when I see a movie to check if I have seen an actor before in another movie or if I want to know trivia about the movie.

Draw Something
This always keeps me busy. A game of Pictionary against anyone else in the facebook world. 

Remember you can also make this blog a shortcut link app on your phone or iPad.

P.S. Follow this blog on the side even if you don't have a blog, you can follow by e-mail.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Lovin'

I follow a ton of blogs on the blogosphere from the fashionistas of almost every capital and even a few blogger friends I know. The best way to keep up to date with each post is with Blog Lovin'!

Blog Lovin' is a site that compiles all your favorite blogs into one place where you can check up on all your blogs and news. They also send the posts out by e-mail too.

This video explains how Blog Lovin' works!

Go check out the site and follow Shenanigans Rose via bloglovin.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games

I saw the Hunger Games midnight premiere and it was a complete adrenaline rush. I was on the edge of my seat with each action in the arena and had goosebumps the whole time.

What really kept me connected with the story were the quick shots that followed Katniss's sight of crowds and the competition. I felt like I was there with her and it definitely got my heart beating with nervousness for her. The slow breathing archery shots really did it too.

The Districts, the Capital, and all the characters were artistic and definitely similar to what I had pictured in my head, but even better. I was blown away by the uses of wild color in the people of the capital, juxtaposed with the people of the districts.

Though like any book made into a movie, I have my own projections of what should have happened. I believe that Peeta's real love for Katniss should have been more evident since it came off as if he were just acting for the camera and that was it. And likewise, Katniss should have fought his love and the Capital a tad bit more. 

And of course, I would have loved to have seen more brutality. I will say though, the blood bath at the beginning of the games was blood thirsty fighting at its finest.

All in all, the movie certainly held up to my high expectations.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Memorization is generally a hard thing for me to do and is probably one of the reasons I did not pursue acting even though I love performing. Everyone has a different tactic for memorization based on what type of learner they are. My friend Aileen, for example, is a tactile learner and has to block out her movements as she memorizes and that works for her. I happen to be a auditory and visual learner, so I have a different approach to memorizing passages.

I first read the page aloud about five times so I get a grasp of what it is I'm trying to memorize.

I then break the passage into different sections, trying to write them down half by memory and half by sight.

I then make the section that appears to be the hardest in a different color, so when I read it off in my head I know it has been "flagged." Then I go through each card and memorize them one by one.

After I've gotten a basic memorization from each section, I recite them all off in order. For the parts that I stumble on I highlight them to serve as a second flag on words that I have trouble on.

At that point I just run through my lines, take a break, and start up again.

Middle English is fun, right?


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Birchbox

After returning from Spring Break I finally was able to pick up my March Birchbox from the mailroom. It was like a special incentive for me to come back to college and definitely cheered me up on my return.

Look at all the awesome swag I got! This Birchbox was full with six great sizable finds.

The little package details get me every time. The card is talking about the online Birchbox Magazine that comes with each box. It's great for how to's on the product you're using. 

I am in love with this French fragrance. The citrus hints make the perfume a definite warmer weather scent. This scent may just have become my all time favorite scent. 

Meant for dry sensitive skin this day moisturizer is certainly nourishing. It's a little more oily than I'd like in a moisturizer, but with dry skin it's nice to add a bit of oil. However, I'd stick with the Clark's Smoothing Marine Cream from the Janurary Birchbox before picking up a full size of this.

This cleanser works like a charm! It doesn't irritate skin and is completely organic since it's made of cherry, lemon, and aloe. I definitely recommend this because it's hard to come by non-irritating clensers for dry sensitive skin. After I'm done using the Juice Beauty cleanser I try to use the Dermalogica Daily Microfiliant from February's Birchbox since I have a full bottle sample. My skin feels so soft.

Jackie Oh! is a great neon pink for Spring. The Color Club's neon collection is named after different iconic things from the 1960s, so obviously style icon/ first lady, Jackie O, was chosen. I was afraid at first the color would look weird against my pale skin (as most nail polishs do,) but the color definitely worked and gave my hands a much needed Spring pop and a few compliments around campus.

Great for second day hair, just dab a little though and you've got a nice dry shampoo. My hair feels so good I might be addicted.

March's lifestyle extra is perfect duo of a treat and skincare in one. You simply drink the delicious tea and then when the tea is on you place the tea bag on your eyelids. I've only tried Cherry Marzipan so far and it really tastes like almonds.

Remember you can sign up for Birchbox too for only $10 a month.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Pinterest is an evil place of temptation that I just love. I showed Gerred the site the other day and he and I searched through the food category for awhile until we found a recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread. It was too sinfully delicious.

We immediately went to the store and got all the ingredients we didn't have already (flour and yeast) and gathered the rest onto the counter.

Whisking the eggs for the dough.

Baking with the iPad is so practical.

The dough before it rose.

Rolling out the dough.

All that cinnamon sugary bread stacked on top of one another.

Final product. Warm. Soft. Delicious.