About Me


I’m a curious traveler. I love to experience other cultures and explore off the beaten path. When I say off the beaten path, I mean it. Once, in Ireland, I followed a stray cat into some bushes and found a beach full of boats.  I love to antique, watch documentaries, collect postcards and cameras, and run whenever and wherever I can.

In 2010, I met my husband, Gerred, in my kitchen at my 18th birthday party. He helped me set up the cupcake stand before the party started and we began talking. Gerred was the last to leave. He lingered, but we were both too nervous to say anything. My mother, not wanting a good man to go to waste, interjected, and asked him to Prom for me. I was mortified. He was excited. We went. It was magical. Thanks mom.

Soon after we began dating while I was studying English at Washington College and he was studying Information Technology at the Naval Academy. In May of 2012 Gerred graduated and that Fall I traveled to Ireland to Study Abroad at University College of Cork.

Before Gerred started Flight School in Pensacola, FL he flew out to Ireland to visit me before the semester started. We traveled around the country, seeing Cork, Limerick, and Dublin. On August 30, 2012 we visited Kinsale, a small fishing village that reminded us both of Annapolis. We spent the day hiking up the hill to Fort James From the top we could see all of Kinsale, the bay, the sailboats, and a beautiful sunset. That’s when Gerred got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said Yes.

We were married two years later at the Naval Academy Chapel on September 6, 2014. The day was full of love, family, friends, and fun. After the wedding the two of us moved down to Milton, FL to start our lives together.

This blog is here to catalogue the adventures I have exploring the world (and who I am) wherever life (or the Navy) takes me.



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