Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 1-2

After sending out my five initial postcards for Postcrossing, three were able to be registered from Germany, Norway, and Russia. While waiting for the last two Russian postcards to be registered, my first two postcards came in the mail all the way from Gdansk, Poland and Blakenheim, Germany.

From what my Polish correspondant told me, Gdansk is a city on the baltic coast and is the birthplace of the Solidarity Movement (the first non-communist party trade union in a Warsaw Pact country.) Her description and the postcard made me want to be sail right into the harbor and walk around the Polish town.

Also on the back of both the postcards were some pretty cool stamps. The Polish card had animals from the Zoo Wroclaw. The caption of the tiger reads Tygrys Syberyiski.

This postcard is actually a beautiful hologram that switches from two romantic portraits of a woman sleeping in an fiery orange dress to a group of women looking out into the ocean from a greek classical building. 

This German stamp has a picture of a church that if I knew my Art History a bit better, I could tell you which architectural art movement it belonged to.

Here are a few of the sent (red) and received (blue) postcards I've done with Postcrossing so far. I was also able to share a correspondance in French with a woman from Russia who had finally received my Black Eyed Susan post card and can't wait to see if she'll send a postcard back.

These are the three postcards I am sending out this time, two dock shots of Annapolis and one of the Range Cafe from New Mexico (I need to get around to posting about that trip.) They'll be traveling to Israel, China, and Germany.

Can't wait to check my mailbox soon!


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