Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's always raining around here and the rain boots I own have a gaping hole in one of them. Which happens to let water flood right in. Not exactly what you want in a pair of rain boots. So I need invest in some real rain boots that will keep my feet dry when I splash through puddles.

Hunter seems to be one of my top choices. I prefer the gloss to the matte because to me rain boots should be shiny and cheery. The black is also a nice neutral I can wear with anything.

After wearing the wrong Sperrys in the rain and ruining them, I realized that boots are definitely the only way to go. The checked cloth pattern makes the rain boot look even more classier.

Everyone seems to wear these around and they are just so practical. I can wear this with jeans and not have to cover them all up.


Monday, January 30, 2012


Aside from the Hush Sound I have another favorite band, fun.. What really gets me about this band is the upbeat melody mixed with violins. "All The Pretty Girls" always cheers me up, "Be Calm" gives me goosebumps, and "The Gambler" gets at my heart. It's good stuff.

All The Pretty Girls - fun.

We Are Young - fun. feat. Janalle Monae

And if you like fun., you might like The Format, which was lead singer Nate Ruess' band prior to. Start out listening to "The Compromise" and "The First Single."

Last, but not least I can't post about fun. without giving a shout out to Gerome (Gerred's brother) for the video he and his friends made of "Be Calm." Check it out.

Have "fun" listening

P.S. I know I'm cheesy. I like wordplay.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love being neat, I just can't always manage it. I love to organize and clean when I get the chance to and here are just a few fun things I found around the web of great ways of organizing space.

The layout is great, I have a similar shelving system in my closets, but it's not as open as this. I really like the overhanging shoe organizer. I have one at college and it's a great space saver.

How cute is this mud room locker style? My cousins have something like this and it's a great way to keep muddy boots and back packs in one place on the way out. That way there aren't random jackets just lying around, like I sort of do. It's the same with keys, hang them by the door and you're good to go.

Well this is just beautiful. It's also a little intimidating to see how much clothes there are. The shoe racks here are nice, I think I'll need to get some on the floor shoe organizers for my boots back home.

At my house we have a plastic container system for cereal, but I wish it extended to spices and pasta as well. The organization makes everything look easy to find.

I'm also going to want to try to do this as some sort of craft, magnet tea can pen holders. Genius.

So I should organize my room, shouldn't I?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laptop Bags

Sometimes I just like to look at shops. I don't technically want to buy them I'm just online window shopping. What's even better is when you get to window shop for a friend. I've been heading around the internet to find a good laptop sleeve for my friend Aileen's computer. Her computer has a couple missing keys and needs to be saved in a cute bag like one of these.
This pattern is fun, and perfectly geometrical and "tech"-like.
I love satchels, I found a bunch but I thought I'd just share this neon pink bag since it's crazy. There's more on Modcloth in different sizes and colors too. I don't think a bag like this could be lost easily.

This is cute, and has a nice calm Paris pattern. It's not too overwhelming.

I'm not a big Juicy Couture fan, but I do love silver sparkles.

I'm not sure whether I like the green-white color scheme, the little button clasp, or the ikat demask pattern better.

So Nautical. Love the rope connector.

Birds. Who doesn't love a good bird laptop bag?
This makes me think of scholarly elbow patches and therefore I approve of it.

And of course the Vera Bradley option. Matching the ID wristlet is always a good choice.


Friday, January 27, 2012


It's January, so it's about that time when I need to find one or two new dresses to add to my formal arsenal. Once February rolls in I'm going to have to step up my game for all the formal events including Rush, Birthday Ball, Company Dining Out, D & B Dining Out, International Ball, Gerred's Graduation, and Katie's Wedding (to which I already have a dress, whew.) With two dresses I can swap for events in different locations throughout the year and make use out of all the wears. These are the dresses I've been eyeing so far.

Classic and bright blue. Perfect.
I love the flow of this dress. With sparkly gold heels this will really be a number.

I need a good white dress and I prefer v-neck and scoop neck cuts. Most white dresses go right up to the neck for some reason.

I'm oddly obsessed with this dress. It's probably the sleeves, but I also just love red dresses in general.

I'm still on the hunt for dresses. What are you picks?


Edit: The blue and red one are out of stock. I need to keep searching, but not go crazy on the search.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Mugs

Though I don't drink coffee, but I'd like to have a nice mug to keep hot chocolate, cider, or tea warm with me in my early morning classes. I'm trying to actually become a tea drinker because in, Foundations of Western Lit I: Bible, I get to sit on a couch and drink tea during lectures. As an English major how can I not fully embrace tea? I just need a nice mug to tote around.

Classic. Green. Cute.

I love this pattern and it's cuteness allows my non-coffee to pass as cool.

These are insane. Can you imagine sitting there in class, pulling out a lens and sipping out of it. So perfectly quirky!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought I'd show you all my giant desk. It's a lot different than my small broken desk from last year since it can hold so much. The best thing is I tricked this baby out for mega super organization. I like to do that in the first week of classes so I stay in a constant state of knowing where things are.

I've got my agenda which I diligently keep up with. I have to say with a cute agenda I tend to write in it more than I ever did in the grade school agendas.

I have a wall calendar with all the non-class related events like duty, Gerred's games, and Birthday ball!

And right next to me I have this dry erase board where I keep a daily to do list. I feel like I honestly need this many lists though in order to guilt me into getting stuff done.

Oh and here is my bookshelf. I've got a couple of my own books on writing, a few textbooks from last semester (7 Greeks, Ovid, Ireland: A Short History), fun books, fashion books, fun reads (Running With Scissors, Girl In Translation,) and a movie I have to watch for Screenplay, Chocolat. I love all the color on this shelf!

I even have folders on the back for each class: Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, Screenplay, Chaucer, and Foundations of Western Lit I: Bible. As well as folders for my two jobs as Elm Photography Editor and RA. I keep the go-to papers in each of these, like Syllabi and roommate contracts.

The key is to just stay organized all semester...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Birchbox

I finally got my bright pink Birchbox in the mail! Some of you are probably thinking "what's a  Birchbox?" Birchbox is this company that puts together boxes each month of 4-5 samples of high end beauty products (tailored to your eyes, skin, hair etc.) and ships them to you for $10 a month, free shipping. $10 may seem a lot, but it's really a steal for the quantity and quality of the items.

Now to share my own Birchbox experience with you all. Let's just say I've been waiting forever to open this. So when I saw the pink letters outside the box I felt like it was Christmas once again. The packaging was cute and girly, and the attention to detail with the pink wrapping paper was a nice touch.

Inside I had all these goodies awaiting me to try!

Juicy Couture's signature fragrance Juicy Couture
I tried this out and it smells like when you go into a department store and accidentally walk through the perfume area. It's overwhelmingly strong, floral, and has a hint of an elderly woman's house filled with victorian furniture. I know, I have a strange way of describing scents and tastes. But hey, I was glad I got to sample this myself instead of buying the $85 full size bottle and then realizing, "Hey, I don't want to smell like a doily." I did however give this to Sarah because she is a strong women who likes victorian furniture and flowers.

This soap is a triple mill soap. I didn't know what that meant and obviously I looked it up. Apparently, triple mill soap is a luxury soap that lasts longer than the average commercial soap. And fun fact, the process of milling the soap through a press was invented by the French in the 1700s. I'm a pomegranate fan, but there is another non-pomegranate smell that is just a little strange in this. I tried the soap out this morning and found it was like using cheap hotel soap. My skin felt so tight afterwards. People with already moisture filled skin might like it, but I need that moisture. I'll let my mom try it out to see what she thinks.

The fun lifestyle extra that Birchbox added was this little Larabar. So glad they added it. The carrot cake flavor is delicious, natural, and healthy. Perfect between classes.

Aha, didn't I say I needed a moisturizer. Well, I really do, I ran out of my Sephora Instant Moisturizer and need a new one. This is smooth, non-greasy, and absorbs well into the skin. It's made with jasmine absolute and smells like opening up the windows to let an almost spring day in. Putting on the cream is great because it isn't freezing and it doesn't instantly tug on my face. So happy.

THIS. Ah, I've always been looking for a good eye liner and have never really found one I liked this much. I mean, it's better than MAC Technakohl Liner. It glides right on like a gel and is bold enough. I think this color looks best on my top lids though. This sample got me hooked in one swipe and now it's added to my "to try make-up" list.

I'm seriously pleased with my first Birchbox. I got to try a lot of neat cosmetics I've been thinking about trying for a long time and can't wait until February 12th when the next box comes in. The best part is that I don't have to buy the full bottle of something I can try it out first. I mean, 3/5 worked for me. Different things work out for different people, so if it doesn't jive with you give it to a friend or family member that might. If you want to try Birchbox too, you can get your own here!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Country Music

I've always had a sort of battle with country music. See there's the songs about huntin', fishin', and tractors with zero substance that I absolutely can't stand. Then there are the soft beautiful songs with great lyrics that I love. Songs for a long summer road trip with all the windows down. Lately, I've gotten back into the country swing and here are just a few songs I've been listening to lately.

Oh, Tonight (feat. Kacey Musgraves) - Josh Abbott Band
We Owned The Night - Lady Antebellum
Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum
Let It Rain - David Nail, Sarah Buxton
The World - Brad Paisley
Remind Me (Duet With Carrie Underwood) - Brad Paisley
Ours - Taylor Swift (Yes, I've put this here before, but it's so good)
Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band
Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland
God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
You - Chris Young

All these songs are on my Spotify Playlist for you to listen to!

Also, here's a song I couldn't find on Spotify that I can not be left out.
She's My Kind of Rain - Tim McGraw

Happy listening!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bulletin Boards

I'm back at WAC a little early for a days long Spring RA training. One of things the Area Directors really harped on this time was bulletin boards and how effective they are at passive programming (it's super effective). Last semester my co-RA, Caroline, and I decided to do a luau theme. I watercolored a beautiful hula girl (drunk girls later tore it down) and slapped a few flyers on the wall and called it a night. Well, it turned out that about 4 other floors in different buildings did that, so we needed to make a change.

I kept trying to go through some themes in my head. I wanted something original, interactive, and kind of evoking female power since Minta Martin is an all girls dorm. Then it hit me, who is the best female detective? Nancy Drew. So Caroline and I got to work and for seven hours we worked diligently. She cut  out 40 red hands for name tags and I began to draw Nancy drew and work on making files. 

We even hit up reslife.net, a particularly helpful website that provided us with fun facts about alcohol myths, great ways to break up with boyfriends, and amazing women from history. The amazing women from history got their own board, the break up tips were hung in the stalls for girls to read, and the alcohol myths were set to a flap system with manilla file folders so they could "solve the case."

In the end it all turned out really well and I sure hope that this board is not destroyed for at least a few months. I really hope all of my residents enjoy the bulletin board and decide to interact with it and actually read it. Especially that cell phone I made of all the numbers to call if you're locked out after 8.

 I'm looking forward to everyone coming back today, welcome back and happy sleuthing!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Just

I just want to share the poem "In Just," by e.e. cummings. It's a nice little poem that might just brighten your day.

In Just-
spring when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame baloonman

whistles far and wee

and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old baloonman whistles
far and wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and



baloonMan whistles

I think I want it to be spring, it least in poems I do. Especially with the cold air.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Deathly Hallows Part 2 Video Game

After the dreadful outcome of Deathly Hallows Part 1, I didn't have much hope for EA Games Deathly Hallows Part 2. In fact, I wrote it off. But, thought I'd give it a try anyway. As soon as I started playing it I was certainly surprised. It turned out that I actually couldn't put the game down. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2  is hands down the very best of all the Harry Potter video games.

This game has everything that Part 1 did not. Gameplay was topnotch since aiming and casting spells was easy. You could feel what was a good shot and there was an obvious difference between each of the spells you could cast. Stupify is for close ranged shooting, Confringo for long range explosions and Expelliarmus was used for getting rid of an opponents Protego. That may sound weird to the non-potterhead, but I'm banking on the fact, that if you got this far you must have at least read the books.

There was a great variety in the villains in this game. There were still the Snatchers and Death Eaters from the first game, but there was a great difference in how each villain fought. Death Eaters take longer to defeat than Snatchers since they would have a higher education in the Dark Arts than regular snatchers since they graduated from Hogwarts. Aside from the Snatchers and Death Eaters, there were also, guards, trolls, spiders, Death Eater characters from the book (Draco, Bellatrix etc) and of course Lord Voldemort.

The scenery was especially beautiful in this game, especially when you play as Seamus Finnigan and get to blow up the viaduct. You get to see the landscape of Hogsmeade and sadly, Hogwarts burning in the night. The best part is that EA Games definitely improved the graphics in this one and I didn't wind up with a headache from continues geek gameplay.

The best part was the variety of tasks. It wasn't just shoot the bad guys. It was running across a burning bridge as it explodes and having to shoot enemies behind you. It was defending your comrades. It was dodging a dragon's flame and much more.

This game seriously was amazing. Skip Part 1, you won't miss anything and play Part 2. In fact, this game is compatible with the Playstation Move so that's a plus. I'll have to replay it once Gerred and I get one.

Oh and another cool thing is you can hold both games up to your webcam and Harry and Voldemort will pop out and duel one another. Then you'll unlock a spell that's never used in game 1. Clearly I am amazed in the photo Gerred screen-capped while I wasn't looking.

Game on!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Banana Republic

I love sales and there's a big one going on at Banana Republic. Right now there's 30% off sale going on online today only. I'm saving my money right now, but if I were taking advantage of the sale I would get:

Happy saving!