Monday, March 26, 2012

26th Company Dining Out

Friday, I went to Gerred's last 26th Company Dining Out and had an great time seeing everyone and cracking jokes all night.

Dining Outs are formal dining events for midshipman and their companies to form camaraderie by relaxing, joking, and drinking. Midshipman can invite their significant others and show them off before the dinner comprised of a bunch of silly rules, like one must not utter "bro," "broski,""broseph," or any other variant of the word bro during dinner. When midshipmen slip up, they are called out and sent to the grog (a messy concoction of gross stuff like tabasco sauce, orange juice, or whatever else they find around the yard) as punishment.

This dining out was great since it was at the Marriott and Katie and Phoenix weren't in France this year, so I got to hang out with Katie all night. We both wore some pretty classy black dresses that fit the formal cocktail attire of the night.

We all sat at a table and ate some good food, saw some dance offs, a man carry another man on his back across the room, limericks, drunkenness, and a power point presentation on how to be an effective SWO Officer.

At the end there was a slideshow of each class that showed off goofy pictures of everyone. Gerred's class had a nice one that showed off pictures of them all through the years as well as a few engagements at the end.

In all, I have to say this Dining Out just showed his graduation is coming up and I am absolutely proud of him for all that he's done and will do in future.


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