Friday, March 30, 2012

Irish Step Dancing

Do you like Irish Step Dancing? Do you like flash mobs? Well have you seen the Teelin Flash Mob video?

Gerred sent me this the other day and well it makes me

1. Proud that they danced at the Annapolis Mall (I worked there last summer.)
2. Upset I never listened to my Grandma when she wanted to learn how to step dance when I was younger (soccer wasn't my thing.)
3. Excited for Ireland next year (you know, if University of Cork College accepts me and everything) because I want to take a class in this over there.

But wouldn't it be fun to learn how to step dance? I'd love to take one of their classes for adults. Last year I took swing dancing classes in Annapolis and I still remember a thing or to.

Either way when I have children (in the way way future), they are going to be awesome little dancing folk like this.


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