Thursday, March 15, 2012

The National Zoo

Gerred and I visited the National Zoo in DC yesterday for Spring Break. I was so excited the whole time since I had not been since I was little, having gone to the Baltimore Zoo in more recent years. This zoo was a nice change of pace from Baltimore since there were lots of different animals and exhibits I got to see.

My favorite animal, the otter, was there and he rolled around on his rock and kept playing peek a boo. So adorable. This is about the only shot of him staying still.

There were Golden Tamarin's zipping around everywhere in the Small Mammal Exhibit in an orange blur. Luckily, I was able to remember their name from a report I did in 4th grade.

This lemur was sitting next to a stuffed lemur because he did not have a companion and the toy is supposed to act as a friend.

Burrowing Owl not quite burrowing.

All the Meerkats  kept popping up on their hind legs to look up towards the sky.

Coral from the invertebrates exhibit.

A regal tiger.

One of the Zebras got mad and started chasing the other zebras around and making angry sounds.

A Cheetah hopping about.

The Giant Panda is what the National Zoo is known for. I got to see the panda when he was eating some frozen apple juice in a perfect position. Isn't he so cute?

I loved seeing all the animals and it was definitely a wonderful trip to the National Zoo.


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