Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year In Review

2011 is now coming to an end. It was exciting and different and all I can do is look back at all that's happened this past year.

I started the year off with infinite freedom of days with my first long break of College. I filled my days   visiting the Baltimore Aquarium as well as a few Smithsonians before heading back to school.

We attended the Alice and Wonderland themed Birthday Ball at my college. There were people in giant flower pots acting like plants and statue people painted completely silver all around. There was even a Cake Boss cake of George Washington to celebrate Washington's birthday. It was such a beautiful dance with a great songs to dance to.

I attended dining outs for Gerred's company and for D&B (D&B was the best.) I also faced an odd medical issue where I was bitten by a spider and I wasn't able to move both of my arms. When I got better I headed on an amazing spring break trip to New Mexico to see Gerred's family and everything in between (including a surprise hot air balloon ride.)

I had my 19th Birthday and attended two concerts. One being, Bamboozle, the biggest concert I've been to with so many of my favorite bands: Bo Burnham, New Found Glory, Gaslight Anthem, Taking Back Sunday, and Dashboard Confessional. The other being Silverstein and Bayside
where I got to meet both the bands. The best was that they all wished me a "happy birthday."

I ended my first year of College and was ready for my summer break. I even attended Gerred's Ring Dance, a great tradition for 2/C midshipmen that's been going on since 1925. We  dipped his class ring in the seven seas, then he tied the ring around my neck and we danced the rest of the night. I definitely felt like Cinderella there. 

I got my Grandpa's old car (a little independence) and got a job at American Eagle. There I  learned all about the retail world and picked up a new style for myself. I transitioned from graphic tees + skinny jeans + converses to solid color shirts, cardigans, polos, Sperrys and straight jeans.

Brought Gerred with the Family to OBX and had an amazing time at the beach. He certainly bonded with all the men with fishing trips in the early morning. I hung out with all the girls under the canopy (we don't tan) and read book after book all day long. Nights were always a blast and one time the whole family went out to a Karaoke bar one night and took over the entire place, singing.

Started my job as an RA in the dorms as well as my Sophomore year of College. This set me up for a rather stressful semester as I dealt with five classes and the occasional knock at two in the morning from a resident.

Here is where I really started getting into my photography business with building a website and booking more clients. I became an entrepreneur and hope that my business grows even more.

I met a great group of friends and enjoyed college life. I stayed in their suite so much and had a lot more girl time. We have tv nights, craft times, adventures, and always a fun dinner.

I can't believe I ran two 5Ks. Each time I ran them I thought I'd die because of my bad knee, but I did it and I'm just so proud. I even had a fun trip to DC with my friends, and started this blog.

December has been a stressful time of finals where I lived off of a giant box of Kix cereal between papers. When the semester was over I finally felt relaxed before heading home for the holidays. Now I'm in New Mexico for Winter having new adventures on vacation.

I've had a lot of fun in 2011, but I'm certainly ready for bigger things in 2012. Let the New Year commence!

Friday, December 30, 2011


Today is my moms birthday and we are currently separated. I'm on vacation in New Mexico and she and my dad are in Deep Creek. It's certainly not a bad distance seeing as we are both having fun, but I wish I could be there. Anyways I'm extending a warm "happy birthday" to you mom and I want you to know that I love you so very much. Have a great time on vacation!


Thursday, December 29, 2011


I began to watch a British show, Misfits, the other day and instantly got hooked. The show is about 5 kids stuck doing community service that get hit by lightning. They all wind up with super powers, but wind up using their powers improperly. Such as having an affinity to kill their probation workers. It's not about good vs. evil as most superheroes are. It's honestly just about the characters, especially Nathan.

That guy is hilarious. Watch the show on Hulu and catch up. It's in Season 3 for America.

P.S. He's been replaced now and I am upset.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

iPhone Cases

My cousin, Kacie, was asking me the other day about cute cases when she saw mine and I realized I knew a couple sites for her, but I'd love to share with everyone. Mine is a cute Marley Lilly case almost identical to the College Prepster's.

So for all of you that got a new iPhone (or Droid) for Christmas or Hanukkah here are some interesting sites to get cute cases like the one I have.

I got my phone from here and I absolutely love it. I certainly get a lot of compliments on it. There are many different patterns, color options, and even the chance to monogram.

This offers more or less the same designs as Marley Lilly as well as the monogramming option. This has a better design though if you're looking to write your full name out.

Each of these cases is adorable and unique and I'd love to see them on every phone.

Ah, I love Lifeguard Press. They have Dylan's Candy Bar, Jonathan Adler, and Lilly Pulitzer cases to choose from. I almost got one of the Lilly ones actually.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My eyes filled with color whilst looking through this years J. Crew Holiday catalog. I'm really loving it all, especially the layout. I guess I'm having a red, white, khaki theme going on.

I really do love all of these!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Loot

This Christmas was amazing! I was able to sleep in and put aside my need to get up at 2 AM for presents. It was nice, quiet, and I had my whole family with me. Might I say I have the most adorable little cousins, Jesse, and baby Ilyssa. They were just so happy and giggly that it just put me in a good mood all day. But onto the presents...

This, was my favorite gift! I had posted about this bag awhile back when I first started writing this bag blog (guess you know what's on my mind.) It's perfect I don't have to lug around my shifty case anymore. Now I can look stylish when I hit up New Mexico with my camera next week.

Yep, that was my big gift: another trip to New Mexico, but this time in Winter. I'm so psyched to see this state again. Such a beautiful place. 

Here's my christmas loot:
Lilly Pulitzer clutch from Ryan and Jenn
Epiphanie camera bag from Gerred
plaid scarf from Aileen
3 pots of MAC eyeshadow from Katie
2 fashion books
2 writing books
cable sweater
Army v Navy shirt from Gerred
Farmgirl Hot Cocoa (Dad got it from Vermont)
Navy Crew & Boxer Set from Grandma

I'll even share Gerred's gifts:
video camera (with bag, battery, and memory card) from me
monogrammed flask from Ryan and Jenn
beard hat from me
bacon air freshener
pilot book
plane DVD
naval aviation license plate cover
vienna sausages (don't ask)
movie trivia quiz from me
2 maple syrups (Dad got them from Vermont)

Wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone! Here's me wishing you and yours a wonderful day. Now for your listening pleasure some Michael Buble.

Michael Buble - All I Want For Christmas Is You


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I hope everybody has had a wonderful holiday season with your families. I am so lucky to spend the holidays with Gerred this year and it couldn't be better. He got to see how my family does Christmas starting with my Dad's side of the family for Christmas Eve.

Here are the girl cousins
Me, Tara, Kara, and Kelly all ready for Christmas cheer!

Fun fact, Danny can hold an ornament with his ear.

The over 21ers participate in the White Elephant Christmas which involves stealing gifts of hard core alcohol.

 Kacie and I play it safe by staying out of both the over 21 and the under 18 with our own swap. Make-up and brushes for her and skinny belts and a Forever 21 gift card for me.

 I love my Kacie!

Then we went back to the house to exchange Christmas presents with Ryan and Jenn. And goodness gracious do I love Jenn for getting me this Lilly clutch. Serious excitement there.

Ryan got Gerred a fancy flask with his initials GMO.

Coincidentally December 25th happens to also be Ryan's 28th birthday so I got my brother a birthday hat beard and as a Christmas present this fisherman's sweater. I have such a cool brother.

Lots of holiday wishes out there for everyone!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Rag Curls

On my quest for curls, I've come across another way of curling hair: rag curls. My friend, Sarah, helped me out. She said she'll even teach me how to do it myself.

 First, she ripped up a shirt and wrapped the cloth around my hair to make me look like Medusa.

Painfully I slept with the rag curls in. But when I woke up and the rags were taken out, I became a member of N*SYNC

My head was full of Ramen Noodles and I panicked a little bit.
But we managed to pin them back with a headband that made me look like a Greek Goddess. I think I'm still going to have to keep searching for a curl that works for me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goals for Winter Break

I'm making goals. Not resolutions. Resolutions are meant for after New Years that you drop once February starts. Goals are meant to be completed. I plan on acting on and completing all ten goals that I have set for myself.

Goal No. 1: Fitness
I am going to work out, eat healthier, and lose weight.
Gerred and I will be doing P90X and I am unfreezing my Gold's Gym membership and returning to Zumba and Pilates classes. I may even run, I did finish two 5Ks this year so there's some hope.

Goal No. 2: Writing
I am going to write. I haven't written a short story or worked on a novel since last year and I think it's high time. I have a story idea that's been sitting on my desktop for awhile now. Plus I have to put the No Plot, No Problem book I got a month ago in Twigs and Tea Cups to use.
Goal No. 3: Photography
I finished a Red Bull photo shoot last week (photos will be up soon.) I have another photo shoot December 22nd as well as a hopeful promise of a group christmas shoot sometime in January. If you're interested at all contact me.

Goal No. 4: Make & Save Money
I will be working at American Eagle again in January. My plan is to continue on with my good money habits by splitting my paycheck with half into checking and half into savings. As well, as trying not to spend my money frivolously.

Goal No. 5: Cook
Notice it's cook and not bake. That goes right back to Goal No. 1. Anyways, I want to become even better at cooking by trying out so many recipes. I'll post about them here too. Get ready for lots of smoothies (even if that's not cooking.)

Goal No. 6: Hair & Make-up
Well I certainly need to learn to curl and braid my hair. As you may know, I've been trying to curl my hair for quite some time now and failing miserably each time. I plan to change that. And it may be all the youtube beauty gurus I'm watching on youtube, but I just need to become a pro. I'm ready to try out new tips, brands, and styles.

Goal No. 7: Fashion
I always want to become more fashionable. I hope to create my own amazing outfit combinations in real life and post them here.

Goal No. 8: Blog
I really am enjoying blogging and I know I will continue the journey!