Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bathing Suits

Let me just tell you that finding a bathing suit (let alone a bra) is a very difficult matter. I have big boobs and you know what they just don't stay or fit in regular bikinis. I mean, please tell me where they're supposed to fit in Triangle bikini tops?

Kate Upton doesn't even fit in the triangle top.
I’ve searched for years and It’s really hard to find an underwire bikini top. I've checked Victoria’s Secret’s Swimwear and you know what most of the bathing suits have 3/4 of padding that add an entire 2 cup sizes. I don’t need that and really no one should have to try to alter their body that much.
 Last year I found a store in the Annapolis Mall, Swim N Sport,  that have swimsuits that range from D, DD, to E. There’s tops with underwire support, straps that do their job, and they look pretty instead of matronly.
Skye is a great brand and has just the perfect underwire support. I normally stay away from black since tan is not apart of my vocabulary.

This is the top I got last year and I have to say BodyGlove is my all time favorite swimwear brand. They know what they are doing.

This twist top is beautiful and is a definite consideration on this years wish list.

And once you have one good top that fits and looks just right, you can pair them with whatever cool bottoms you find at another store. I found some great bird ones that matched my blue top last year.


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  1. I like the Bamboo Twist Top, I think it would look good on you too.