Sunday, March 25, 2012

iPhone Apps

I've noticed a few of my friends have turned to iPhones and iPads recently and I thought I'd share a few apps I have and love thus far.

This is great for when you hear a song on the radio and want to know what it is. You just hit the button and tag the song and it'll tell you immediately.

I only really got into this recently (I was really into Hipstamatic before) and I love it. It lets me send the pictures online straight away and have them in fun designs that aren't to cheesy picnic-like.

Temple Run
Everyone seems to be obsessed with this. I began playing it this weekend with my cousin Brian and it's pretty addictive. I'm not good, but I like jumping for coins.

Heytell is basically a walky-talky for your phone. You send speech texts to friends instead of having to text. Definitely use this if you don't have unlimited texting or if you need to say something that you just can't explain in a text.

I find I use this app a lot. I'm always pulling this out when I see a movie to check if I have seen an actor before in another movie or if I want to know trivia about the movie.

Draw Something
This always keeps me busy. A game of Pictionary against anyone else in the facebook world. 

Remember you can also make this blog a shortcut link app on your phone or iPad.

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