Monday, March 12, 2012

Organizing Old Photos

Yesterday when I visited my Grandparents house, I volunteered to help my Grandma organize all of the old photos she had kept away in boxes for years. She needed to gather some photos together for a family reunion by August and I thought going through them all would be a great idea. Well it was actually a really fun experience with my family as I got to see tons of old photos as well as interesting records, postcards, booklets, and trinkets.

We got to work by first covering the dining room table with plastic table cloths and adding post its that marked each decade from 1910-2012.

As we started going through the photos the timeline started to fill up.

I love this photo album. It has great black and white as well as color photos that document the early life of my Mom and her siblings.

After awhile we had to create individual years for 1992-2012 and overlap pictures based on events.

Here's an old photo for you all. I'll have to check with my Grandma who these people are. I know she wrote their names and the date on the back since that was our process.

More of the older photos and newspaper clippings.

And that's how much we got done from just one of the three boxes. We still have to go through the other two and then go to Michaels and get some photo albums.

Going through all these photos made me start to think about printing out my own photos and making my own album.


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