Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Maury Show Bachelorette Party

Katie had one thing on her mind for her Bachelorette Party, to see The Maury Show live. In her words, "There are only a few things I like and Maury is one of them." So Andrea, Caroline, Katie, and I drove all the way up to Connecticut where it is filmed to see the show with her.

Once we made it in line, early the next day, we were so cold waiting outside the show. Katie pulled out her cell phone and began to play some dance beats that we all danced to in order to get our blood pumping. When we walked into the building we were first greeted by the Lie Detector guy. Honestly, I didn't know who he was since I'd never seen the show before and was just some guy in a vest looking to take pictures with ladies.

When they finally let people in the set they pulled us brightly dressed ladies to the side. They first brought us over to an area of 3 reserved seats. Andrea then pointed out that there were four of us, and would you look at it there were five empty spots in the front row. They quickly accommodated us in the front.

The producer came around and began chatting with us and then asked if we wanted our photo taken on the set and told us that we were chosen facebook fans of the day. Being the facebook fan of the day allowed us to sit on the talk show seats, go back stage and see the green room, the hall way, oh and meet Maury Povich. He's really nice by the way.

Then we got around to learning what it meant to be in the audience. The producer told us that we are not meant to watch the show, but to work. Meaning, we had to exaggerate our expressions for each and every emotion. I honestly don't want to see the taping because I certainly look like a goob whenever I thumbs down the cheating spouses or supposed baby daddies.

The show was crazy though especially since the day I saw it from the front row was the first day I actually saw The Maury Show. Seriously the six segments they filmed was on baby mama drama. These ladies popped on the show accusing men of having the same eyes as their baby and that they had to be the baby daddy. There was fighting, tons of conniption fits, as well as the famous lines of Maury "You are not the baby's father."

It was an amazing Bachelorette Party and Katie absolutely loved it. She was about an 11 or 12 on the happiness scale and loved how everyone congratulated her on her upcoming wedding. Seriously though, Bachelorette parties should be this oddly creative instead of the same old same old club and bar. 

Do something you'll remember for your Bachelorette Party. Something where you get to dance on stage with Maury Povich.


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  1. be sure to let us know when the taped show will be on TV so we can all watch it!