Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chill Playlist

Things have been hectic lately with working out, chores, and two jobs. So I've decided to put together a  
Chill Playlist on Spotify to help me calm down a bit during the in between times. Give it a listen and you may just feel a million times calmer.

Inaudible Memories - Jack Johnson
Little Talks - Of Montsters and Men
Flathead - The Fratellis
The Village Green Preservation Society - The Kinks
Black Night - The Dodos
American Baby - Dave Matthews Band
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Down by the Water -The Decemberists
Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Tongue Tied - Group Love
When We First Met - Hellogoodbye
Complainte de la Butte - Rufus Wainwright
Sons & Daughters - The Decemberists
New Slang - The Shins
Undercover Martyn -Two Door Cinema Club
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
Something In the Water- Brooke Fraser

And I would have added this song as well, but it was not available on Spotify

Have any other chill song suggestions of your own?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Duke Creative Writing Workshop

This summer I will be working with one of my favorite teachers from High School, Ms. T. She was both my AP English Language teacher as well as the advisor to Etchings, the Literary Magazine at South River, which I was actively involved in. Together she and I will be running a Creative Writing camp for gifted and talented kids at Washington College. Since the class is for Middle School children, we will be reading, The Hunger Games!

As excited as I am for the upcoming creative writing class I'm going to teach in three weeks I am also a little nostalgic for the Creative Writing Workshop I attended back in 2009 at Duke University. That two week long camp was just about one of my favorite summer memories and I still keep in touch with most of them and we are all from different states!

The classes the camp offered, really opened my eyes to the world of creative writing. The drills and lessons sparked creativity in me and really did enhance my writing. We read many short stories and poems (that I still have,) wrote and we even gave really constructive feedback on the stories to one another.

When we weren't in class we'd usually be hanging in the common room playing the dart game, playing dodgeball, or just generally being silly. We even had a camp dance where I both had an awkward date and passed out on the dance floor. My favorite events were definitely a combination of karaoke and the talent show where Dibo and I did an impromptu lip sync performance of Elephant Love Medley.

And one night we even traveled around the college town befriending hippies, hula hooping with them and even drinking some fresh milk from a dairy farm not to far from campus. The friendship, the writing, and the memories will always be with me from that wonderful summer.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Childish Gambino

I've been a huge fan of Donald Glover since his days in Derrick Comedy where he played a Spelling Bee judge and a man who surgically attached his arms in a B-Boy Stance. That's about the time when Tina Fey found him and he became a writer for 30 Rock as well as an actor on the amazing tv series, CommunityIf writing and acting aren't enough, Glover also happens to be a rapper called, Childish Gambino.

The best part is that I got to see him in concert at the Pier 6 in Baltimore this past Saturday. He was such a riot. he had so much energy as he jumped around on stage and you could tell he was passionate about his music. I've still got most of the songs stuck in my head.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekday Update

I'm not much of a twitter person, but I do appreciate instagram. Now I'm not going to jump out and say I'm a fedora wearing instagram photographer, but I do like using it as an effective social media device. It's a good way to capture whatever is going on in a quick artsy way.
Nova // I've found a new favorite sushi place close to me and it's Nova in Edgewater, MD. The mission impossible appetizer roll is fantastic.

Whole Foods // is such a varied organic grocery store. After Katie came back from her honeymoon we had a nice girls day that included Target and Whole Foods Sushi. So much sushi.

iPhone // Broke it and fixed it all in the same day. If you've ever broken your phone then you know what I'm talking about when I say that it dropped in a serious slow motion.

Lunch // I love making "packed lunch" sort of meals that include pb & j as well as apple slices with cinnamon on top. Yum.

Hats in the Belfry // Craziest little hat store in Downtown Annapolis. We found pub hats and top hats and had a great time trying them on.

Goodwill // I donated all the old graphic tees I no longer wear as well as a bunch of young adult fantasy books. Here's to reading books that are good for my brain!

You can follow the rest of all my instagram daily happenings here.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Asos Full Bust Bikinis

Here we go with another full bust bikini find and this time it's at an actual price I can afford. Fuller busted bikinis (and bras for that matter) always wind up costing a whole lot more than their regular counterparts since they have to do a whole lot more. I happened upon a wide selection of DD-F Bikinis at Asos and my jaw dropped at how cute and affordable they are.

Favorite one is the 50's Cross Front Bathing Suit, I might need to pick that up for my next trip to the beach.

Friday, June 22, 2012

{Glitter & Lace} Coral, White, and Turquoise

The collaboration with Sam has begun over at Glitter & Lace. Check out my introduction to the blog along with my first post on my favorite style colors: coral, blue, and white!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's In My Shower?

I've seen a few people around the web talking about what's in their shower for their readers and so I thought I'd do one of my own. This is just to share what products I keep in my tub and use on a daily basis.

Neutrogena // Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Juice Beauty // Blemish Clearing Cleanser
Dermalogica // Daily Microfiliant

What do you keep in your shower?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Half-Blood Prince Video Game

After defeating Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I can finally hold my head up and say "I beat all the Harry Potter video games!" This game was a lot better than Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows (everything is better than Part 1) and is just about as great as Part 2, but for different reasons.

[12, 3, 4]

The reason that The Half-Blood Prince might just be my favorite of all the games is because it returns to the core of Hogwarts and Harry Potter games. Not only does the game focus on the story very well, it allows for Harry to participate in three different clubs: dueling, potions, and quidditch. By competing in matches and dueling the other houses everything just feels right as it should be before they completely leave Hogwarts in the seventh book.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 16-20

Now that I can send out 7 postcards out at a time with Postcrossing, I am receiving tons of postcards rapidly. My mailbox is full and there's usually a postcard waiting for me when I come home from work with a nice design on the front. This time I was lucky to receive cards from Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Belarus, and Taiwan.

1. Kyoto, Japan // This is an old road in southwest Kyoto that runs through the Bamboo Woods. On the back there were lots of cute glitter stickers and doodles of cats with the message "I live in Kyoto with my cat. I love cats."

2. Netherlands // The sender explained that the card represents "what we postcrossers fear most; an empty mailbox."That's definitely a true one, but I've been fortunate lately to receive postcards almost daily.

3. Belarus // One of the national dishes of Belarus is "draniki" or potato pancakes and is served best with sour cream.

4. Herdecke, Germany // Herdecke is a little town between two lakes in the Northwest of Germany. The sender of the card has a love for photography, hence the stunning photo of the raindrops.

5. Tuku, Taiwan // This postcard was really special since it was the senders first postcrossing card. She explains that in Tuku most of the people are farmers and that her grandparents grow banana and guava fruits. Yum!

Happy postcrossing!


Monday, June 18, 2012

New Blog Design!

Change is great, especially when it comes to blog designs. Since we are living in a viral world where things are changing everyday as more information is thrown at us and technology improves every second, I thought switching the design up would be a nice change of pace.

I've been working on this design for awhile now. I've messed around with illustrator to make the vector, I've found the right type face on (, I've figured out a proper layout as well. And I can say that the header is made entirely from scratch (except for the font) and can proudly light it up for all my followers to see.

I hope you guys like the new change and now I even have follow buttons so you can check out my new facebook page for this blog, my twitter (I'm twitter challenged though,) pinterest, instagram, and tumblr.

Have a great day!


P.S. Blogging about blogging is so meta.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Reads

Back in high school I was a voracious reader. I was reading on the bus, in school, after school, and right before bed. I even worked at a library for two years shelving books. I miss filling my head with new words and stories all the time that I'm pledging to get back to my reading status now. Except this time I won't be reading young adult books, but books that are a little more noteworthy.

 So to do this I've compiled all the books I've read and want to read over at There you can find my profile Shenanigansrose, where I've got most of the books I've read (yes, this includes my fantasy young adult phase) along with my ratings on them all. You can even check out what I'm reading now-- The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald. is. perfect.

So join and follow me over there to see what it is I'm reading at the moment and I'll be sure to leave my thoughts on the books I finish over here on my blog. Remember, I'm always open to recommendations so let me know what you think I should read.

Read on!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Statement Necklaces

Even though I posted about wanting a statement necklace back in January, I still am statement necklace-less. So this time I've picked out a much brighter summer selection of statement necklaces to fawn over until I find the right one.
J. Crew // Bubble Necklace
Bauble Bar // Green Triad Strand
Bauble Bar // Bead Braid Strand
Spike the Punch // The Rainey Necklace
Bauble Bar // Glam Strip Bib

Personally, I'm sold on the triad...well when I have money.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Luray Caverns

One of the first things that Gerred and I did once we both had a day off was to take a trip over to Luray Caverns in his new Kia Soul. We'd been talking about going for so long, that when we finally went we were geekin' out at all the interesting rock formations the caverns inside.

The best part of the caverns was dream lake where there was a reflection of the stalagmites from the ceiling on a pool of water that looked to be about 20-30 feet deep, but in all actuality was only a few inches. We passed by totem poles, a wishing well (that looked like a faerie glenn,) and even a pipe organ that played notes from the stalagmites around the cavern.

I left with a few postcards to send out and a sudden need to become a spelunker or a cave photographer.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Birchbox

The June Birchbox is in and this month it's Jet Setter themed. Ah, how fitting! This time they've packed up the box with both worldly products as well as travel products to fit their theme. When I opened the box there was a "wow" with each product I picked up, so needless to say I'm in love.
Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream // Moisturizer + sunscreen + treatment all in one. Instead of sitting on your face it blends well and makes your skin feel 100 times better. Just apply a mineralized skinfinish afterward.

Joya Ames Soeurs Parfum - A Scent of Soulmates // I've mentioned this before, but I have a weird way of describing scents. A Scent of Soulmates smells like a old historic town (I'm picturing Ellicott City, MD) full of mysterious antique and boutique ashops. Notes of myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, and orange blossom.

Kelly Van Gogh Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo & Conditioner // The shampoo was very stripping on my hair so I don't think I'd use this again.

Melvita Rose Floral Water // Spray this on your face before applying foundation and your face will feel instantly hydrated and smell especially floral. Apparently the Orange Blossom component of the spray evens out blotchiness too!

theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen // Works as a stain for both cheeks and lips, although I'd stick with the lips. This stain is great because it dries instantly, isn't sticky, and lasts forever. Plus it goes great with lip balm.

BAND-AID Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids // The lifestyle Extra this month was like a specific target to my clumsiness. How my times do I trip or bump into something in a day that requires me to use a band-aid. Enough to want to keep a pack of band-aids with me at all times and having them be super fashionable doesn't hurt.

P.S. If you're interested in getting Birchbox for only $10 a month sign up for it or gift it to a friend here.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pantry Organization

With school I'm somewhat organized with my folders, books, and agenda. At home, I go crazy with the need to organize everything. I always seem to want to make projects around the house of de-cluttering closets and shifting things around even if my parents think it looks fine the way it is. Sunday, I took up the challenge of organizing the pantry.
Now there aren't any before pictures and that's partly because I always forget to take them and partly because the before is something you probably did not want to see due to overdrawn expiration dates. So I devised a new system in Excel, posted on the pantry door, that organizes all the foods by name, type, meal, shelf, and expiration date. For instance, the first shelf is breakfast foods to the left and pasta to the right. We'll see how long everyone keeps up with this new system. If I had the choice I'd even go a little farther in my organizing with some of the pantry organization I found on Pinterest.

When I have my own pantry I'd deck it out like these dream pantries with lots of color, plastic containerslabelslists, and chalkboards.

What would your dream pantry look like and have you felt the need to de-clutter and organize lately?


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miskabelle Vintage

I've been going through all of the new blogs I now follow after attending Blogger Blitz DC and I've just been stunned at how engaging, graphic, and exciting everyones blogs are. I now take a lot longer reading through my blogroll now. 

One of the blogs that I've taken notice of has been Now I never actually quite introduced myself to her at the Blogger Blitz (I was super shy,) but her vintage fashion blog is great. It's the sort of blog that I wish belonged in my closet. Luckily, she even has an Etsy site, Miskabelle Vintage that can make that possible (well, if I weren't saving up all my money for Ireland.) 

Now I would absolutely love to wear any of these items, and would probably even like to pair some of these together if I could. What do you think red cowboy boots and the floral skirt or the polka dot cardigan?


Monday, June 11, 2012

Gym Time

I might have slipped from my work out regime of running everyday around the crazy two weeks, but I'm getting back on track now. Because I started up again at Gold's Gym and plan to go for the entirety of Summer. 

My favorite thing that that the gym offers is the classes, especially Zumba. So I'll be trying to head up to classes when I can between my changing work schedule. Today, I went for a run, headed to the gym and took a Pilates Mat class, did the stair-master, and lifted a bit of weights. Maybe I'll be a bit sore for tomorrow, but I'll be driving back to the gym as early as I can tomorrow for day 2 of hard core gym time.

Is anyone else going to any workout classes or heading to the gym at all this summer? I'd love to hear about your workout regime!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

National Basilica

On one of the Sunday's Gerred's family and I went to the National Basilica in D.C. for Mass. It was probably one of the most captivating Mass I ever attended since half of it was in latin and there was a woman who sang everything with such a moving voice. The entire Basilica was beautiful, I really should have brought my camera, but luckily I had my phone.
If you get a chance visit, even if you aren't religious take in the architecture of the entire building and all the mosaic art work.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


When Mom and I showed Majella and Gerome some typical Maryland Seafood of steamed and fried oysters at St. Michaels and they liked it, we decided that we had to get everyone together to try some crabs.

But we weren't going out for crabs. Instead we picked the (very much alive) crabs up from the Crab Galley and cooked them up ourselves in a large pot outside the house. Yum!

Then we showed the newbies how to pull apart a crab the Maryland way (you know without smashing it with a mallet.) In the end they were picking them apart faster than me. We were still out there even when it got dark outside and we had to place candles around us.I'm thinking I'm going to need to have another crab feast again soon!


Friday, June 8, 2012

USA vs. Brazil

I attended my first pro soccer game the other day where USA faced Brazil at FedEx field. Even though, Brazil won 4-1, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time cheering down at the players and loving every minute of it.

We (Gerred, Pip, Gerome, Ross, and I) were up in the nosebleeds in just about the same spot that I was in at the Army Navy game in December. Except, instead of complaining about how cold it was while putting toe warmers in my socks I was fanning myself off from the heat.

Brazil had some fancy footwork that went along with their ideal of playing the "beautiful sport," while America was agressive...and good looking. Also the guy in front of us kept saying "This is a home game, let's act like it!" Then there was mass amounts of "USA! USA! USA!" cheering followed shortly there after with "Ole ole ole ole." Gotta love soccer fans.

Oh and the last picture is of Pip retrieving the backpack he hid in the bushes at the start of the game. We were a little surprised no one stole it.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogger Blitz

Since I started my blog back in November, I've only met a few bloggers outside the blogosphere. But this weekend I took the metro all the way to I to Marvin a bistro bar off of 14th Street for the long anticipated Blogger Blitz DC hosted by {av} of Long Distance Loving. Now that for me was a feat because I've never traveled into DC alone, and frankly I haven't traveled outside of Annapolis on my own. But as soon as I walked in I realized I was not in any way alone because there were tons of other bloggers there. 

{Pictures borrowed from Case Study and Hello Suburbia}
Lots of the ladies were lifestyle bloggers which made me feel better and the rest were primarily fashion bloggers who were all dressed perfectly from head to toe. I stuck close to Lisa from Hello Suburbia for the majority of the night and we got along really well based on our awkwardness and love for photography. Though I was a bit shy, I was able to meet a bunch of new people who have some blogs that are really top notch and really knew their way around the blogger world. So I picked up on a few things that I need to do:

1. I need to create a better blog design and ask for help doing so.
2. I need to become more graphic with my posts so that they are reader friendly ( you like this new way?)
3. I need business cards. Like I really do.
4. I need to be more confident (and fashionable because that never hurts.)

It really was a great experience meeting other bloggers and learning tips from veterans as well as venturing out into DC with a new found independence.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Jobs 2012

After two weeks of searching all the restaurants and retail locations in the area I've finally landed two jobs right next door to one another: Metro Diner and Menchies. I've worked two jobs before, like this past semester where I worked on campus as an RA and as the photography editor of The Elm. So I can do this.
Now let's see how I fare working in the restaurant industry this summer.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girl in Translation

Around January my mom lent me Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok to read before heading back for the second semester of my Sophomore year. Well, being an English major I never got around to reading the book because I was too busy reading the entire Bible (for Foundations of Western Lit, not because I'm in Seminary school) and the Canterbury Tales, too read anything fun. But I finally can say that I finished this book and I liked it.

It's a coming of age story of a young girl, Kim Chang, who emigrated from Hong Kong with her mother in the late seventies. Upon arriving in America she finds herself living in squalor and in dept to her Aunt who saved her from Hong Kong. In order to get her and her mother out of their situation she begins a double life where she climbs the academic ladder by day and works at the sweat shop by night. Ah-Kim, triumphs over so much and has such a strong bond with her mom throughout the entire story. I definitely recommend that you read this book and then have your mom read it as well.

Anyone else have any recommendations for Summer Reads?


Monday, June 4, 2012

Gerred's Graduation Party

Memorial Day was Gerred's big graduation party. We grilled up some hot dogs and burgers and even put out a few maryland dishes like crab dip, crab cakes, and crab balls for our friends and families and had a great time. 

It was great having his extended family (20 or so of them flew out from New Mexico for his graduation) meet my extended family. Towards the end once I heard a few saying they were part of my PopPop's fan club (you just need to meet this guy) and that my Dad was the best bartender ever after trying his margaritas.

Gerred got a lot of cards that day from the guests as well as a few big ticket items. My grandparents gave Gerred a challenge coin display holder which was filled immediately with two new coins from some military guests. Gerred's parents got him a cover bag to go with the new cover and shoulder boards they got him. Then my parents gave him a fancy Ensign (this is what he is now as an 01 after Graduating) box full of cuff links, a belt puckle, and special pins.

Then came my gift. One that I had been working on for over a month conferring with several members of his family and mine along with facebook to piece together. It's a scrapbook of all four years at the academy. The outside cover is made by my wonderful Grandma out of Gerred's old uniform.
There's over 40 pages so far with a few open spaces for his graduation picture. Here are just a few samples of the pages I made.

It was a wonderful Memorial Day Gradutation Party and it was definitely a great turnout by all.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 12-15

The crazy two weeks has finally past and I am slowly working back into regular life where I am figuring out job details, getting used to a busy summer to come, and of course postcrossing. The one thing I've seemed to be able to do during all our touring time is to stop to pick up a few postcards of special places around Maryland and DC to send out to other postcrossers. 

Here are the six postcards I'm sending out to Russia (3), Ukraine, Austria, and Belarus. And below are just a few of the postcards I've received since I've been home from College.

Faenza, Italy
When I go abroad, Italy is definitely going to be one of the places I'll sneak away to travel to. In this square there is a cafe with some great ice cream, as I am told.

This postcard never came in, but was sent about two months ago so I registered it upon the senders request. This kind of looks like The Aristocats in a much creepier way.

Puttuo, China
This is a famous Buddhist mountain that is said to bring good luck. 

Stuffegart, Germany
Look at these little gnomes or should I say "gartenzwerg" - a small dwarf with a red hat found in a garden. I just love them.

Also Check out my new stamps. I’ve got Disney Pixar (Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Wall-e, Up!) and Great American Film Directors (John Ford, Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, John Huston.) I never knew that beautiful stamps cost the same as regular ones. Life is instantly better and I really love this hobby.

Happy Postcrossing!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Aaron & Victoria's Engagement

I've had two engagement photo sessions this summer that have just been a blast shooting. I love getting a feel for how couples interact with one another and love getting them genuinely smiling. I am happy to show you some highlights of Aaron and Victoria's photo shoot at Quiet Water's Park.

You can see more of their engagement photo session on the facebook page and my engagement portfolio can be found at And if you want a photo shoot this summer of a senior portrait, family, or couple session contact me!