Saturday, March 31, 2012


I love going to concerts, there's nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs over a crowd of people. Just seeing the band in front of you on that stage with all the lights on them is so magical. And though I wouldn't say I'm a big concert goer, I've been to about seven so far and plan on seeing more in the future.

Hellogoodbye Concert 2007
My first concert I ever went to was to see HellogoodbyeBoys Like Girls, and The Rocket Summer. I was a freshman in high school and still too young to go on my own. So my Mom wound up taking me and my friends Liz and Raven and hung out by the bar only a few inches away from us the whole time. 

The Hush Sound Concert 2008
A year later I headed to the Ottobar with my then boyfriend and saw The Hush SoundThe Cab, and The Morning Light. Just so you know, The Hush Sound is my favorite band (even though they've broken up) and it was just a blast to see them live. They sang Back in the USSR randomly and even sang Sweet Tangerine to a salsa beat while wearing sombreros.

Scream It Like You Mean It Tour 2010
I remember when I was a camp counselor, I had to sneak out of camp one night  in order to see Silverstein and Emery with Gerred. This may have been one of the most rebellious things I've ever done in my life and I was scared the entire night with all the hyped up music and mosh pits. Despite the fear I felt full of adrenaline and quickly caught onto a new type of concert.

Naval Academy Fall Concert 2010
Fall of my Freshman year of college I went with Katie and Phoenix to see Ke$ha3OH!3 and The Goo Goo Dolls.  This was a definite feel good concert. I had so much fun dancing around to all the crazy songs. And I still can't believe I saw Ke$ha. 

Take Action Tour 2011
For my 19th Birthday, Gerred and I saw Silverstein and Bayside in Philidelphia. Gerred even surprised me by taking me to meet both the bands (which only about 14 people got to do.) They talked to us for a bit, wished me a Happy Birthday and even signed posters and CDs for us. The concert was awesome too.

Bamboozle Festival 2011
The week after the Take Action Tour, Gerred and I headed up to New Jersey for the Bamboozle Festival which is essentially a much cooler/ non-screamo Warped Tour. We saw Taking Back SundayBo BurnhamDashboard ConfessionalNew Found Glory, and The Gaslight Anthem. Seeing all these great bands, dancing and walking around, and singing every song was so wonderful. It was easily my favorite concert.

Taking Back Sunday North American Tour 2011
The last concert I went to was another Taking Back Sunday concert with Thursday. I brought along Kacie and showed her what a "mosh pit"concert was like (as opposed to her usual country concert.) We got elbowed a few times and loved how insane everyone was. The lead singer, Adam,  even crowd surfed all around Rams Head Live! They performed Faith (When I Let You Down,) the video which Gerred and I are in from the Bamboozle concert. You can't see us, just know we are to the far right.

Naval Academy Spring Concert 2012
And come April 20th (my birthday weekend) I will be seeing Katy Perry with Katie, Phoenix, Sean, Sarah, and Gerred! I'm so stoked and will actually have to learn the words to some of her songs, but never the less I am pumped.

Rock on!

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