Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Birchbox

My second Birchbox came in the mail for February in a very valentines pink box! When I opened my box it definitely felt like a wonderful Valentines gift to myself! And the pink didn't just stop with the outside, it carried onto the contents as well.
It's pink. It's squishy. I'm in love.
It's soft on my skin, but I think I like my airbrush foundation brush still.

It's a powder face wash! I've never heard of a powder wash before and though it's difficult to mix the powder and the water it works. My skin feels really smooth afterwards and sort of smells like Sprite? 

Well these are bizarre...but I really wanted to try them. So I did. They look like I just took a sticker and popped it on my eye. They don't stay well and it shows up close, but from afar they look sort of cool. These are also meant to be quick and easy since they were invented during fashion week to save time, but it takes a lot longer to put these on than it does to simply apply the make up. Aside from that there is a ton of drama in this and I feel like Adele when I wear them...a cheap Adele.

For some reason I feel like the Birchbox team knows what I'm running low on or really want to try and just packs it up in my box because this is just what I needed. I've been wanting to try a more moisturizing foundation then the one I have. And although it is a moisturizing tint, I'd still use moisturizer along with it. Better yet this won Allure magazine's Best in Beauty.

Lifestyle Extras

Nail File
It's a cute nail file heart. This is a great detail.

Digital Download of Green River Ordinance
Birchbox decided to share this band, Green River Oridnance. They're a Texan band with a sort of country-bluegrass-pop feel. It's a nice change a pace to my usual music so I appreciate this new music discovery. Here's a song of theirs for you to listen to as well.

Loved my box. If you want to gift the box for valentines day for a special someone or for yourself, it's only $10 a month with free shipping. It makes my month.



  1. I think Birch Box must have asked me my age. The only thing our boxes have in common is the tinted mositurizer. Which I love... I keep getting things like lifting creme and wrinkle serum. But funny enough...I love 'em! Kate was a little dissappointed that this month there wasn't much that she liked. She was hoping for more nail polish samples. We love Birch Box!

    1. You could lie about your age and get less "age defying products." I'm thinking of getting my mom one for Mother's day. I really want to receive nail polish, did you or Kate get the tattoo lips? I heard those were weird. I just like trying all the different things in the boxes no matter what they are.