Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day: Gifts

Remember my Christmas Gift Guide for the Boyfriend? Well I'm here to reinstate a Valentines Day one. I think Valentines seems to be a time when the gifts are very obvious for gentlemen to get their ladies (flowers, chocolate, jewelry etc.) That girls need their own guide that breaks down the Valentines gifts for guys. I'd like to preface that sometimes you really don't need to give a Valentines "gift." Quirky little things that make him laugh or smile work just as well as the cologne you want to give him. Here are some crafty and inexpensive options sure to warm his heart.
These are perfect. My friend Val actually made some coupons for her boyfriend. She spent so much time cutting out construction paper and customizing them that it really shows that she made them from her heart.

A Popsicle Stick Frame
Last year, I decided to get really artistic and made Gerred a popsicle stick photo frame. I decorated the outside of the frame with a skittle bag that I had cut up and put in a picture of the first day Gerred and I met. The skittles were significant because he'd actually thrown skittles at me that day. You can take the most simplest of things and add a personal memory and it becomes something that he'll really like.

A card is always nice especially in this day in age with informal texting and writing on walls. To send someone a card shows you put thought into your gift and shows how important you think someone is. And you honestly don't have to just send your signifigant other a card. You can send a crush as a secret admirer (funny story, I had one in 6th grade) or your friends a card and it'll most likely brighten their day.

This one is sure to please. You can bake for anyone and they'll think you're the cat's pajamas. Tiny heart pies? They'll think you're a sorcerer.

Mixed CD
Oh yeah, time to pull out the big guns with the mixed CD. Throwing together some love songs is always a crowd pleaser. There's a million love songs out there, but maybe there's just a few that resonate with the two of you that you can jam onto a disk.

You may not be the Bard of Avon, but I'm sure you can write up a nice acrostic poem or perhaps a few reasons why you love that person. ie. you don't smell bad, you look decent...

This one is such a great idea. Though postcard, cards, and letters are wonderful, nothing can beat a telegram. I'm not sure how Gerred did it, but last year he managed to send me a telegram and told me not to open it until the 14th. He got a lot of props for that.

And remember all of Valentines Day's love shouldn't be reserved for just February 14th. Live everyday like it's Valentines Day and treat the people around you with as much love as you can.


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