Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

I recently finished the Special 25th Edition Nancy Drew game, Alibi in Ashes this week. Now where I can't say it was as great as Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge, this game was enjoyable just as well.

In, Alibit in Ashes, we find Nancy back in her hometown of River Heights competing in the Clue Challenge with her friends Bess, George, and Ned. The game opens to Nancy reading a clue that directs her to Town Hall, where she finds a suspicious ice cube on a thermostat. In a matter of seconds the thermostat explodes and Town Hall goes up in flames.When Nancy gets out she becomes suspect number one in the arson case and is detained at the River Heights Police Department. Eager to free her name, Nancy gathers clues with the help of her friends!

Though the game was quick and the puzzles were a bit more simpler than usual, it was fun to play. And it was actually insightful to see River Heights, the people around town (like Ned), and see Nancy's beautifully decorated house. Which FYI is what my dream home will look like.

 Herinteractive started to pick up a pattern of making flops right before their big deal game. Such as the worst Nancy game ever, Trail of the Twister, right before the very best, Shadow at the Water's Edge. This game broke away from the shell a little and I like that. The game showed a lot of improvements in design and organization.

And I also want a point out that Nancy never goes hungry in any game she plays. She's always eating something whether that be an anchovy sandwich or clam chowder. In this game, Nancy and all her friends seem to keep eating ice cream at The Scoop. There was a bacon flavored ice cream too and I had Bess eat them all.

The game is fun, full of inspection, puzzles, and very very Nancy Drew.


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