Monday, February 13, 2012


Though I have a nice big room, with lots of space the bed that I have is just a mattress and has been that way for years now. I'm thinking that I want either a new bed or as my mom suggested that I make a headboard. And DIY headboards seem to be a much more creative money saver.

Using drawers as shelves are a great idea so you can showcase vases, books, and photos.

A nice mixture of letters whether they spell something or can serve as an art piece head board.

All the lights in this box look awesome, actually lights just look awesome.

Rustic Influences
Ah oars, doors, and old wood add a special touch to a room and who can't resist thrifty antique shopping?

DIY Upholstered Headboard
In my old house, my parents had a pretty cool upholstered headboard they made themselves so I trust if they helped it would look pretty good. Either way I'll pay close attention to this upholstered headboard step by step guide. I'm really in love with a cream colored suede, with buttons, and a bolt frame for a headboard.

Also if I were to go with the upholstered look, a cool hidden back would be awesome.


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