Friday, February 3, 2012

Rent The Runway

So I think I have a problem-- this dress hunt. In the past dress post I had that beautiful cobalt blue dress in mind, but it's sold out. I had to restart the whole search and I've been stressing on finding that perfect dress that I can wear to everything. Well,  I found a website that will let me find a few different perfect dresses I can wear to my events that I can just rent. Basically I get designer dresses that would normally be in the $1000-400 price range for about $75-50. 
Lilly Pulitzer - Black Jeanette Dress
Everyone needs an LBD. This boatneck top looks stunning.

Milly - Ivory Lace Flutter Dress
A flattering white dress? I think so.

Milly - Like Honey Dress
I was on sort of a very glittery trend...
Lilly Pulitzer - Navy Bernadette Dress
Ah, there will be a day where I will wear this.

This is the actual dress I ordered for the ball so check back around the 25th to see how it looks.

I can't wait for my dress to come in and if you want to try Rent the Runway for yourself (say for Birthday Ball) go here and sign up.


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  1. These are adorableeee! I've heard about this website, but I've never gotten anything from it.