Friday, February 24, 2012

Heating Pad

Whenever I had an upset stomach or an aching pain my Mom would always microwave a heating pad and tell me to put it on whatever hurts and it always worked like a charm. Now I had mine with me at college until the other day when mine died. See, the heating pad was on it's death bed really since it wasn't retaining heat and absorbed certain microwave smells. So when it began to spark and smoke I cut my losses and threw it in the sink. Now begins my journey in looking for a new heating pad.
Note that I am not looking for plug in heating pads. I've tried them before when I was little and they tended to create sparks and do not hit full heat potential.

Microwavable Aeromatherapy Heating Pads are the way to go. They're easy, you just throw them into the microwave for two minutes and you're set. I checked Etsy and they have some great options to choose from.

How adorable are these Crampcakes? Just the fact these look like cupcakes would make me feel better, but they're made with peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender to so they smell great. These would be great for kids.

This heating pad is perfect for wrapping around knees, necks, and bellies. The fabric is cute and reversible and inside the bag is lavender imported from France!

And if you're a crafty talented sewer you could even attempt making your own heating pad. With just some fabric, flax seed, and lavender you'd probably be able to do it.

Does anyone else use heating pads or have some cool ones of you're own? Share them with me.


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