Wednesday, February 22, 2012

L.A. Noire

This past summer I started playing L.A. Noire and was blown away by the storyline and graphics this game offers. L.A. Noire takes place in Hollywood after the end of WWII, where soldiers are coming back from war with PTSD, drug problems, and a whole lot of violence. 

Enter, Detective Cole Phelps, the hero that solves all the cases in L.A. ranging from basic traffic cases, gruesome homicides, to the big time vice cases. The niftiest part about this story is that it's all done in the style of film noir. So, you'll do a little investigation, a little shoot 'em up, and in between cases there are always little clips that key into both the bigger picture and the mysterious past of Cole Phelps back when he was a marine.

Aside from the in depth storyline, this game has some seriously advanced graphics. The characters are incredibly realistic since they are modeled after real actors with face mapping technology. And they're are known actors in this game. The movement is all so lifelike and in depth that I sometimes question whether I'm playing a game or watching a movie.

It doesn't even end there with the amount of thought the creators put into this game. They even recreated all of 1940s L.A. by studying old biplane photographs of the city. So not only is the game realistic with the characters it is also a historically accurate environment.

Check out this video to see the in depth look at the technology behind this game.

If you didn't already pick this game up over the summer, I'd suggest you start playing because it's fun and has such a consuming story world.


P. S. Anytime Phelps picks up an object it's probably the silliest thing because he says "This doesn't seem to pertain to the case" or "Circumstantial" but will still be swiveling it around.

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