Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top 10 Valentines Gifts: Guys Perspective

During last night's Elm layout meeting, we began to discuss good Valentines gift ideas. We got to talking about yesterday's post of Valentines ideas for guys. However, the Sports Editor said that men want a few things in particular. The girls decided to grill him to come up with the top ten gifts men want for Valentines Day. Here is the clean version of what he said:

"If a girlfriend gave me meats and cheeses, it would guarantee 3 months longer of the relationship." From the conversation we had, all you could get men is meats and cheese and they would be in heaven.

Well, he is a guy...and it is Valentines Day.

"You can never have enough athletic pants."

Obviously not a show, a real sporting event, c'mon.

Yes these exist and you can make them yourself.

To Five Guys of course. Apparently, meats and cheeses don't just end with a gift box. They continue into burgers.

Beer Holiday 5 pack
Just make sure it's Valentines themed.

A sandwich, brought to him while he watches TV.

A Steak Dinner
It's under the meat clause, but there should be some love involved.

Ten minutes of silence
"That's all I ask."

And that's what a "real" man's idea of what Valentine's Day should look like: meats and cheeses.


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