Friday, February 17, 2012

Prevent the Cold

Though the weather outside is not "wintery" per se, it's still flu season and I'd like to share with you all some helpful hints and tips on how to dodge all the germs flying around campus before they get to you. 
Sanitize. Carry around hand sanitizer with you for when you're in really public places like the dining hall or classrooms. Lots of table tops have disgusting histories.

Eat right. Meaning don't pick up the apple from the dining that twenty other people have touched and put back. Go to the grocery store and treat yourself to some kiwi. They are high in Vitamin C.

Once you take up whittling as a full time hermit, you can make wood Ewoks.
Don't touch people who are sick. Pretend they are lepers and keep your distance. Is your significant other sick? Don't kiss them. Take up a fun hobby like whittling while they cough up their lungs and enjoy the beautiful solace in being a healthy hermit.

Stay healthy my friends.


P.S. Get a flu shot months in advance before the season of the flu is probably your best bet.

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