Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gerred's Birthday

This weekend was Gerred's 22nd Birthday. I was happy to spend birthday weekend with him and even more grateful that my parents made his birthday special as well with a cake and birthday dinner. He really had a nice day and enjoyed all of his presents.

Here he is opening his birthday card. I kind of went crazy with watercolors and painted him a giraffe saying "woot! woot!" and of course the "g" on the outside of the present.

 Once he got to the little brown package he meticulously opened the package until he found a little tin. The tin actually confused him since it said "Screen Printing" on the front. But he caught on, since he knew it was coming.

A blue fossil watch. He got such a kick out of it. This whole weekend he'd pull it out and say "Ah, I've got the time" and show me all the cool things it can do. It does second and minutes on a timer as well as military time on the third dial. Perfect for him.

When Gerred and I got back to my house, he found a giant fedex box from his mom and a card from my parents. The card was hilarious, the little animals kept talking for a couple minutes. The best part was when they shouted "clap in unison!"

Ah, the package from Gerred's mom! It included no bake cookies, and Gerred's favorite (super odd) combination of peanut butter, syrup, and New Mexican tortillas.

And here he is blowing out the candles like a dinosaur. It was such a delicious cake!

Happy Birthday Gerred!


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