Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nancy Drew Shadow at the Water's Edge

Here's a little nerdy confession, I'm a big Nancy Drew fan. I grew up on my mom's old books and fell in Nancy just became my idol. She's strong, independent, and is an amazing sleuth. It's no mystery that I play the games, and I've played most of them. Over the summer I played the 23rd Nancy Drew Game that took place in Japan: Nancy Drew Shadow at the Water's Edge.

This game was certainly better than the last one where Nancy was storm chasing in Oklahoma. Instead of doing jobs Nancy was sent to Japan to discover the mystery behind a ghost that was haunting a Japanese Ryokan.

The creators definitely upped the storyline and characters in this one. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It played like a movie and in fact, it was a lot like The Ring. Especially since the ghost is a girl with long black hair over her face who drowned in a well…

Shadow at the Water's Edge is definitely up there as my favorite Nancy Drew game along with Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Give the game a go sometime if you're bored over winter break.

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  1. i rented it at the game stop and it really scared my kids !!!