Sunday, January 1, 2012

Red Bull

One of the latest photo projects I've worked on for Shannon Kirby Photography involved me taking shots of Red Bull. Haha. I took a few pictures and edited them for a family friend to give as a creative gift. I'd like to say it was a weird request, but it wasn't. 

Nothing quite tops photographing a man in lederhosen in a burnt down building deep within the woods. Especially when he brings his own lederhosen.

Here are the Red Bull pictures I took.

I even fashioned wings out of a Red Bull can to give them wings.

Pressed for a studio, I used poster board and my friend Val's lamp.

So there you have it, some interesting photos of Red Bull. But the thing that I really got to thinking about when I took these is that I want a studio in my house. A makeshift one for now with a backdrop and lights. That would be cool.

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