Monday, January 30, 2012


Aside from the Hush Sound I have another favorite band, fun.. What really gets me about this band is the upbeat melody mixed with violins. "All The Pretty Girls" always cheers me up, "Be Calm" gives me goosebumps, and "The Gambler" gets at my heart. It's good stuff.

All The Pretty Girls - fun.

We Are Young - fun. feat. Janalle Monae

And if you like fun., you might like The Format, which was lead singer Nate Ruess' band prior to. Start out listening to "The Compromise" and "The First Single."

Last, but not least I can't post about fun. without giving a shout out to Gerome (Gerred's brother) for the video he and his friends made of "Be Calm." Check it out.

Have "fun" listening

P.S. I know I'm cheesy. I like wordplay.

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