Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cake Pops

Kacie came to visit me this past Monday. And as always around midnight we decided to drive over to Paceway (the pop shop down the road from my house.) Normally the two of us like to go for themes. Once, we chose only orange colored foods and drinks. This time we thought, why don't we make cake pops?

Well the only problem was that neither Kacie or I have ever made cake pops before. I'd only heard the recipe briefly when I was in New Mexico. But at midnight, it was worth a shot. We bought icing and cake mix and went on our merry way to go bake our cake.

 While the cake was in the oven we made six bowls of frosting with food coloring. They looked cute and easter pastel like. There weren't any sprinkles either so we mashed up reces pieces. Also, we didn't have the correct lollipop sticks, so we used tongue depressors. Our plan seemed increasingly sketchy.

When the cake was done we took it out and mashed it up. We let that cool for awhile in the fridge. And when it was done we rolled them into little chocolate balls like so.
All that was left to do was add the tongue depressor, dunk it, decorate it, and chill it.

They look mega sloppy, but they were fun to make and super delicious. The next time I decide to make cake pops I'll try to use a real recipe so they look put together.


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