Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought I'd show you all my giant desk. It's a lot different than my small broken desk from last year since it can hold so much. The best thing is I tricked this baby out for mega super organization. I like to do that in the first week of classes so I stay in a constant state of knowing where things are.

I've got my agenda which I diligently keep up with. I have to say with a cute agenda I tend to write in it more than I ever did in the grade school agendas.

I have a wall calendar with all the non-class related events like duty, Gerred's games, and Birthday ball!

And right next to me I have this dry erase board where I keep a daily to do list. I feel like I honestly need this many lists though in order to guilt me into getting stuff done.

Oh and here is my bookshelf. I've got a couple of my own books on writing, a few textbooks from last semester (7 Greeks, Ovid, Ireland: A Short History), fun books, fashion books, fun reads (Running With Scissors, Girl In Translation,) and a movie I have to watch for Screenplay, Chocolat. I love all the color on this shelf!

I even have folders on the back for each class: Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, Screenplay, Chaucer, and Foundations of Western Lit I: Bible. As well as folders for my two jobs as Elm Photography Editor and RA. I keep the go-to papers in each of these, like Syllabi and roommate contracts.

The key is to just stay organized all semester...

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