Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Range Cafe

A while back I recieved a post card from Gerred's mom saying that I had to visit the Range Cafe the next time I came to New Mexico. Sure enough, it was our first stop on our trip up to Sante Fe.

The cafe was very desert-artsy and the food was delicious of course. I've been so spoiled with all the green chile I could ask for.

Better yet they had plates (the same ones they have at college) that were signed by all these famous people including:

Will Ferrell

Kristen Wig

Diane Keaton

Barack Obama (the one with the flags around it.)

and Seth Meyers.

 I was just so happy to see just about all the current SNL stars since the 2000s had signed a plate. Seriously though, Seth Meyers, that made me insanely happy. I love Weekend Updates.


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