Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have this terrible habit of picking my nails when I'm nervous. It's not like I'm biting them, but it isn't good. So I've decided that if I paint my nails more often I wont mess with them as much. So I'm going to be continuously searching for colors that look good for my pale skin.

This summer I decided to deviate from my regular light pink and try a sparkly blue. I went with all my cousins and they all were choosing mint green and bright purple and I thought I'd go crazy. Well, it just so happens that I love this color. I even got the OPI color at Sephora the other day since it was on sale.

Aside from the sparkly blue I got this color as well. It's a nice sparkly gold I can wear everyday. I even went so crazy as to try to do that white french manicure rim. It turned out pretty well on both hands, but it was a pain to do.

In New Mexico, Gerred's mom and I had a girls day. We each got pedicures where they rubbed hot rocks on our legs. I decided to try a sparkly red since I'd never attempted red. Not sure how I feel about red nails in general, but this orange-pink-red is ok in my book.

We even got manicures since we had time. I decided since New Years was coming up I would get silver sparkly nails (yes I like sparkles.) I got my friend Katie the same nail polish for Christmas and thought I should try it. Well, it's an awesome color and was a total hit for New Years.

I can't wait to try new colors. My idea though is to try weird colors when I get my nails done. But if I'm buying a color I should get a more generic one that I know I will wear. Manicures are for fun experiments.


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