Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bulletin Boards

I'm back at WAC a little early for a days long Spring RA training. One of things the Area Directors really harped on this time was bulletin boards and how effective they are at passive programming (it's super effective). Last semester my co-RA, Caroline, and I decided to do a luau theme. I watercolored a beautiful hula girl (drunk girls later tore it down) and slapped a few flyers on the wall and called it a night. Well, it turned out that about 4 other floors in different buildings did that, so we needed to make a change.

I kept trying to go through some themes in my head. I wanted something original, interactive, and kind of evoking female power since Minta Martin is an all girls dorm. Then it hit me, who is the best female detective? Nancy Drew. So Caroline and I got to work and for seven hours we worked diligently. She cut  out 40 red hands for name tags and I began to draw Nancy drew and work on making files. 

We even hit up, a particularly helpful website that provided us with fun facts about alcohol myths, great ways to break up with boyfriends, and amazing women from history. The amazing women from history got their own board, the break up tips were hung in the stalls for girls to read, and the alcohol myths were set to a flap system with manilla file folders so they could "solve the case."

In the end it all turned out really well and I sure hope that this board is not destroyed for at least a few months. I really hope all of my residents enjoy the bulletin board and decide to interact with it and actually read it. Especially that cell phone I made of all the numbers to call if you're locked out after 8.

 I'm looking forward to everyone coming back today, welcome back and happy sleuthing!

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