Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Date

This New Years, Gerred and I went out for a New Years Date. After last New Years 2011 dinner at Osteria followed by fireworks in Ego Alley we had to go all out again.

Here's a weird picture of us making silly faces. We were catching up with Katie and Phoenix before the fireworks for some hot chocolate. This time for 2012 we did dinner and a movie with style.

We saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at this theater with leather seats that lean back. Those seats made going to the movie theater so comfortable. It was a nice mysterious drama and even though I have not read the books yet (I was too busy with English courses) I enjoyed it. I mean, there was one scene that was a little too violent, but I would still highly recommend it to everyone. Great storyline and that magic "movie" feel that makes me feel all snug in the dark. Anyways, I'll have to watch the Swedish ones since they've been downstairs for a year.

After the movie, we headed to Downtown Albuquerque for our reservations at Tuccanos Brazilian Grill. I'd never been to a Brazilian grill before, it's apparently like Fogo De Chao in Baltimore.

 Basically you have this marker that when you flip it to green they bring you meat, vegetables, and pineapple on skewers. When you flip it back to red they stop. There was so much food, but it was absolutely fun to see something different like that. I think trying new things is certainly the way to go with restaurants and all parts of life.

What a wonderful night to bring in the New Year!

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