Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Birchbox

I finally got my bright pink Birchbox in the mail! Some of you are probably thinking "what's a  Birchbox?" Birchbox is this company that puts together boxes each month of 4-5 samples of high end beauty products (tailored to your eyes, skin, hair etc.) and ships them to you for $10 a month, free shipping. $10 may seem a lot, but it's really a steal for the quantity and quality of the items.

Now to share my own Birchbox experience with you all. Let's just say I've been waiting forever to open this. So when I saw the pink letters outside the box I felt like it was Christmas once again. The packaging was cute and girly, and the attention to detail with the pink wrapping paper was a nice touch.

Inside I had all these goodies awaiting me to try!

Juicy Couture's signature fragrance Juicy Couture
I tried this out and it smells like when you go into a department store and accidentally walk through the perfume area. It's overwhelmingly strong, floral, and has a hint of an elderly woman's house filled with victorian furniture. I know, I have a strange way of describing scents and tastes. But hey, I was glad I got to sample this myself instead of buying the $85 full size bottle and then realizing, "Hey, I don't want to smell like a doily." I did however give this to Sarah because she is a strong women who likes victorian furniture and flowers.

This soap is a triple mill soap. I didn't know what that meant and obviously I looked it up. Apparently, triple mill soap is a luxury soap that lasts longer than the average commercial soap. And fun fact, the process of milling the soap through a press was invented by the French in the 1700s. I'm a pomegranate fan, but there is another non-pomegranate smell that is just a little strange in this. I tried the soap out this morning and found it was like using cheap hotel soap. My skin felt so tight afterwards. People with already moisture filled skin might like it, but I need that moisture. I'll let my mom try it out to see what she thinks.

The fun lifestyle extra that Birchbox added was this little Larabar. So glad they added it. The carrot cake flavor is delicious, natural, and healthy. Perfect between classes.

Aha, didn't I say I needed a moisturizer. Well, I really do, I ran out of my Sephora Instant Moisturizer and need a new one. This is smooth, non-greasy, and absorbs well into the skin. It's made with jasmine absolute and smells like opening up the windows to let an almost spring day in. Putting on the cream is great because it isn't freezing and it doesn't instantly tug on my face. So happy.

THIS. Ah, I've always been looking for a good eye liner and have never really found one I liked this much. I mean, it's better than MAC Technakohl Liner. It glides right on like a gel and is bold enough. I think this color looks best on my top lids though. This sample got me hooked in one swipe and now it's added to my "to try make-up" list.

I'm seriously pleased with my first Birchbox. I got to try a lot of neat cosmetics I've been thinking about trying for a long time and can't wait until February 12th when the next box comes in. The best part is that I don't have to buy the full bottle of something I can try it out first. I mean, 3/5 worked for me. Different things work out for different people, so if it doesn't jive with you give it to a friend or family member that might. If you want to try Birchbox too, you can get your own here!


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