Friday, January 27, 2012


It's January, so it's about that time when I need to find one or two new dresses to add to my formal arsenal. Once February rolls in I'm going to have to step up my game for all the formal events including Rush, Birthday Ball, Company Dining Out, D & B Dining Out, International Ball, Gerred's Graduation, and Katie's Wedding (to which I already have a dress, whew.) With two dresses I can swap for events in different locations throughout the year and make use out of all the wears. These are the dresses I've been eyeing so far.

Classic and bright blue. Perfect.
I love the flow of this dress. With sparkly gold heels this will really be a number.

I need a good white dress and I prefer v-neck and scoop neck cuts. Most white dresses go right up to the neck for some reason.

I'm oddly obsessed with this dress. It's probably the sleeves, but I also just love red dresses in general.

I'm still on the hunt for dresses. What are you picks?


Edit: The blue and red one are out of stock. I need to keep searching, but not go crazy on the search.


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    1. Shannon I think the first dress would look AWESOME against your skin color and hair color! I love the teal dress too but I think the sleeves are that width that make your arms look bigger than they are, so a cardy would be required which totally takes away from the flowy adn fun aspect of the dress itself!