Friday, January 13, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I know everyone is caught up in this new show, Once Upon A Time, but let me tell you I am not. Yes, having a story about fairytales is a great idea. I love fairytales and by the sheer fact that fairytale characters are trapped in real life I should by all means like this show. But I don't. Instead I have a bone to pick with the creators of this show. 

To the writers I ask, did you put any thought into the storyline? Because the characters are one dimensional. Where the queen is venomous in front of the general public like some mean girl in high school. There isn't even a struggle between Henry and his two mothers because he can easily see that his adoptive mother is evil and his biological mother is good. If you want these fairytales to be considered "modern," I'd paint a whole lot of gray on this black and white world.

I'd also like to address the lighting of Once Upon A Time. Goodness gracious, if you want a good show, lighting should be the high up on your list. Lighting sets the mood for everything and especially the magic that is involved in a fairytale show. What you have is normal lighting, add some color. Don't pretend this is low budget.

To casting I ask, why did you ruin the show by adding Jennifer Morrison (House) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Something Borrowed) to the mix? These ladies are lovely actresses. But in my opinion, characters in fantasy films should be unknown so that there is more imagination to their life. And also, why on Earth are there only two british actors? You either go full british or not at all. 

And lastly, to the producers, we all know that Fairytales originated in Europe. So please give a show like this to the BBC. They've done well with Robin Hood, let's not kid ourselves here.

Though from all I've said about Once Upon A Time, I have yet to give up on it. I still watch hoping for improvement. I still root for this show. It has potential, just a few things need to be tweaked and I can be happy. What I really suggest is that people just skip to Grimm and watch that beautiful show because that show knows how to handle fairytales in the modern world.


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