Tuesday, August 14, 2012

iPhone Cases

I've been told that I'm not allowed to say that I am "clumsy." However, I will admit that I am a little oblivious to the world around me and am therefore prone to crashing or dropping things. My phone is subject to most of the abuse since I've had to repair the screen twice this summer I'm thinking it's high time I replace the case I have (although cute  as it is) with something a little more practical and durable. But hey, I still want it to look a little chic. So the search begins.

1. Tech Candy // Barcelona (3-Piece Set)
2. Phantom // Aqua/White
3. Lilly Pulitzer // Chum Bucket
4. Case Mate //  Tough - Union Jack
5. Kate Spade // Airmail
6. Incipio // Stowaway 

Edit: I went with #2. It's not as cute as the rest (especially the Kate Spade one,) but I will try to possibly decorate it.



  1. If you're as clumsy with your phone as I am (and that's the way it sounds,) I do not recommend the Lilly or Kate Spade cases. They're not really protective at all! I've gone through a bunch of Lilly ones (they're so cute...I can't stop buying them!) but I'm pretty sure they don't actually protect my phone one little bit! -Rebecca

    1. What sort of case do you have now? And which one of these do you think would be better for the accident prone?

    2. Right now I'm using a Lilly case (once again, I couldn't resist the cute patterns...ugh I'm like a fly to pink and green!!!). But I've had an otterbox in the past that was really great. They have a type of case that isn't as bulky as the typical Otterbox...I can't remember the name of the smaller case. Some stores online sell monogrammed otterboxes! That's going to be my next case. Case #2 in your picture looks pretty sturdy! Is there any way you can go see the cases in store? -Rebecca

  2. I'd recommend a LifeProof iPhone case. They're not the cutest cases (they have plain colors, like purple, pink, blue, and teal) but they are waterpoof, dirt proof, rainproof, and sun proof. My mom has one and it's a better case than the Otter Box.


  3. I've used a Speck Candyshell on my iPhone ever since I've had it; very protective, I drop it fairly often and so far, so good. http://www.speckproducts.com/candyshell-for-iphone-4s.html