Friday, August 31, 2012

August Birchbox

My August Birchbox will probably be one of the last boxes I see for awhile. I'm not stopping my membership with Birchbox, I'm just letting them accumulate in my room so that when I come back Christmas eve, it will feel as if they were a ton of gifts from past me to future me. It's a little silly, but I'm grooving with the idea. Anyways, this Birchbox of "Back to School" was a great send off for abroad since it prepared me with some great travel sized essentials to pack away.

1 & 2. Oribe // Shampoo for Beautiful Color and Conditioner for Beautiful Color // So far I've used all of this since I've been here, and it makes my hair smell and look like I just got back from the salon. I'm so pleased with it. What's great is that it smells like edelweiss flowers and definitely isn't stripping like the last sample of shampoo (Kelly Van Gogh Color Protecting Caviar Shampoo) I got from Birchbox. But, hey the whole point of Bircbox is to try products and see what works for you. Oribe worked for me.

3. Whish // Shave Crave Shaving Cream // I'm loving this shaving cream. It's sort of whipped cream rather than a foam. It smells like pomegranate and works so well with the Schick razor.

4. Jouer // Moisturizing Lip Gloss // Most of the time I stay away from glosses since they just dry my lips up and are sticky, but this stays and feels soft on my lips. The color "peony" isn't too overwhelming and blends well.

5. Juicy Couture // Viva La Juicy La Fleur // Sweet and fun, this perfume is sure to be great for the young teen crowd. This would be great for going to a sleepover or even to the mall with some friends. Essentially it is like wrapping your arms in cotton candy.

6. Schick // Hydro Silk Razor // So this is the Birchbox bonus and the razor is on the market for $10. With this only being a $10 box I feel like I'm definitely getting way more. Anyways, I think I might be switching from my intuition razor to this since it's moisturizing and a closer shave.

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