Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Sent Postcards

While a batch of postcards arrived in my mailbox I decided to send out my own batch of postcards for August. They are a collection of cards I've collected from Gerred's since passed cross-country roadtrip, Katie & Phoenix's honeymoon around Europe, and a few of my own finds while traveling around D.C. and Luray Caverns.

These postcards traveled to (1) Russia, (2) Ukraine, (3)Germany, and (1) the Netherlands. The one that says "Greetings from Virginia" was sent to a 9-year old girl in Germany who said she loved ice-cream, butterflies, Hello Kitty, fruit, sweets, frogs, rabbits, seashells, moons, and stars. So I decided to draw them for her on the back of her card.

Next time I send out cards, they'll be from Ireland I assume. If you're interested in sending postcards of your own just go to and sign up.


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