Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day In Cork

The day after I arrived in Ireland I began the journey into the center of Cork to get a feel for the city. I walked down the street into town cataloging most landmarks and sights in my head. I looked into many of the street shops and decided which ones would be worth a second look over and even did a bit of shopping at Tescos (the go-to grocery store.) 


Soon after I wound up exploring the campus of University College Cork so I would know where to go for orientation the next day. In order to enter campus, I had to walk through giant iron gates and across a beautiful stone bridge of the River Lee that surrounds Cork. Once inside the campus I discovered just how beautiful the campus was. Everything was stone and vines and I just felt like I was in a storybook. I definitely can get used to this campus.

Later on in the night I headed down to An Bodhran, a music pub off of St. Patrick's Street. I wound up ordering a Smithwick's and enjoyed my first beer in Ireland. So far, I've only tried Smithwick's and Bulmers (which is now my favorite Hard Cider) and cannot wait to sample different drinks here. As you'll notice the sign on the pub says Murphy's for Murphy's Irish Stout, which is brewed locally in Cork. In the South it's better to have a Murphy's, whilst in places like Guinness you're better off with a Guinness. 

Though I've walked down a few of the streets in Cork, there's still lots more to see here in Cork and the rest of Ireland as well.


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