Wednesday, December 28, 2011

iPhone Cases

My cousin, Kacie, was asking me the other day about cute cases when she saw mine and I realized I knew a couple sites for her, but I'd love to share with everyone. Mine is a cute Marley Lilly case almost identical to the College Prepster's.

So for all of you that got a new iPhone (or Droid) for Christmas or Hanukkah here are some interesting sites to get cute cases like the one I have.

I got my phone from here and I absolutely love it. I certainly get a lot of compliments on it. There are many different patterns, color options, and even the chance to monogram.

This offers more or less the same designs as Marley Lilly as well as the monogramming option. This has a better design though if you're looking to write your full name out.

Each of these cases is adorable and unique and I'd love to see them on every phone.

Ah, I love Lifeguard Press. They have Dylan's Candy Bar, Jonathan Adler, and Lilly Pulitzer cases to choose from. I almost got one of the Lilly ones actually.


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  1. Really I just want an Iphone so I can buy a bunch of cute cases for it... I love yours! Pink and Green is the best combination.