Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blarney Castle

Once I finally had settled in and had explored a bit of campus and the city of Cork, a group of u finally made the first treck into travel land as we visited Blarney Castle. Now, I've already been to Blarney before about four years ago with my family. However I can say that this trip was a much different sight, mainly being that it wasn't just 1,200 nudists and my family. Yes, the last time I came happened to be June 17, 2008 -- the day Spencer Tunick photographed a mob of naked people in front of Blarney Castle. Luckily, everyone was fully clothed this time around.

It was our first time taking the bus around Ireland and found out that it only took 6 euros for a round trip. That's cheaper than the taxi ride from the airport!

Blarney Castle was built for the third time in 1446 by Dermot McCarthy. The castle was passed down through generations and gained it's popularity through the mysterious Blarney Stone said to give good luck.

I have a few fears, but climbing stairs is definitely one of my biggest fears. It's not a height issue, but just a falling and tripping fear. These steps are definitely the worst I've ever encountered in my life since they are steep, narrow, and slippery. And I've climbed them twice!

The mud spot on my knee is from falling in the mud. I slipped as soon as I got to Blarney since it was raining, and fell backwards. But just as I did, I put out my hand into a breakdancer-like fashion and caught myself from falling. I was being an adventurer anyway so it didn't bother me.

Several types of gardens covered most of the grounds of Blarney. Some like the one above had a varied amount of flora. Other gardens farther back in the estate focused more on a more druid design.

Blarney House was built for the upkeep of the Castle by the family during the early 18th century. This is a great example of the Big Houses of Ireland.

Blarney on the second time around was a chance for me to see all that I hadn't seen before. I took my time examining every detail and learning new information about the building.


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