Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Consignment Shopping

I happened upon the biggest shopping gem when I peaked inside the window of a shop called Savvy Consignment and saw some Lilly Pulitzer dresses. It was closed that day, but I decided that I'd have to come back with my mom the next day and show her the place. When we did, I found more than I even expected. There were tons of brand name clothes all at great prices.

I couldn't believe that a store like Savvy Consignment existed, vowing to shop Consignment over Marshalls from now on. The girl at the counter gave me a list of other consignment stores around the area so my mom and I took off and I did pretty well for the day. So I did a little research into what the regular price of the brand's item would be (by finding similar clothing prices from the brand) versus what I actually paid to find out how much I saved.

J. Crew // Coral Polo // Regularly $39.50 // Consignment Price $9
J. Crew // Navy Polo // Regularly $39.50 // Consignment Price $4.25 (50 % off, was $8.50)
Ann Taylor // Ruffle Top // Regularly $68 // Consignment Price $10.50

Ralph Lauren // Sport V-Neck // Regularly $34.50 // Consignment Price: $4.75 (50 % off, was $9.50)
Double Strand Pearl Necklace // Consignment Price: $9.25 (50 % off, was $18.50)

Lilly Pulitzer // Palm Green Eliza Kentucky Derby Dress // Regularly $188 // Consignment Price: $16.75 (50 % off, was $33.50)

In the end I saved $324.25 an estimated by shopping consigment and spending $54. It feels good.


P.S. I even found an Argus Seventy Five. But more on that later.


  1. Wow that's awesome!!! I love consignment shopping, but most people where I'm from aren't into brand names. Every time I'm on vacation, I make it a point to go to consignment shops and Goodwill, especially when I'm visiting a "rich" city!

    1. I definitely had to look outside my town to find these and I'm so glad I did. These stores are only about 3 yrs-6months old so there might be a special one that pops up in your town one day.

  2. This is one of those things that works better for cities than suburbs. I've tried consignment shopping around my home and it's awful. I would, however, love to try consignment shopping in a city. That would be a treasure trove!!