Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irish Apartment

After a long flight across the atlantic, I finally made it to the Cork airport in Ireland. As soon as I arrived and picked up my bags, I hopped in a taxi with what may be the nicest taxi driver I've ever met in my life. He helped me with my bags, talked about the world, and taught me the history of Cork in a short cab ride to my apartment. He didn't even laugh at me too hard, when I tried opening the driver's side door forgetting they drive on the left side over here.

When I was dropped off at the entrance to my apartment I was happy to see the brick building covered in ivy was gated and had security cameras at the front. I got my tour and since then have unpacked and settled into my room for the time being, so here is a little peek.

I've already had a day to walk around Cork and check in the stores around me as well as grocery shop for the little kitchen. Just letting you know that I am alive, safe, and well in Ireland.


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  1. Your apartment looks so awesome! Hope you have a great time in Ireland. Since I am unable to study abroad, I'll just live vicariously through you by reading your Ireland stories :)